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Antigravity Batteries Lithium Ion Battery with Restart Technology Reviews

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Bryan Bosch

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Updated 12/11/2018 concerning product reliability

I don't know anyone that doesn't love how light weight lithium ion motorcycle batteries are, but there are still plenty of critics of the technology as it relates to reliability, especially for those that ride in very cold conditions. In some cases, lead acid batteries very well might be a rider's best choice, but there is no question that light weight batteries have come a long way, both in terms of performance and reliability. 

Lots of cranking power in a lightweight package

So Cal based Antigravity Batteries appears to be one of the leaders pushing the envelope in the lightweight battery segment, recently releasing a "smart" battery that addresses one of the killers of lithium ion batteries: over discharge.  Select Antigravity Batteries feature tech called "RE-START". Simply put, if the on-board battery management system (BMS) detects that the battery is in danger of becoming over discharged, it will automatically put itself into a protective state, preserving enough power for a few starts. Push the RE-START button (remote triggering coming soon) on the battery to bring it back to life. Antigravity Batteries RE-START tech really appeals to me, as my KTM 690 Enduro R has no back-up kickstarter, something we're seeing more and more of.

Installation of the Antigravity Batteries RE-START battery was a piece of cake with a negative and positive terminal on both sides of the top of battery. It also fit snugly into the factory battery box, but the factory aluminum retention strap appeared to slightly cover one edge of the RE-START button on the top of the battery. Fortunately I could still hear an audible "click" when pushing it, verifying that the button is still functional. Fortunately I can remove my seat to access the RE-START button without tools, but I can see why Antigravity is coming out with a remote for motorcycles where battery access is more challenging.

Press the RE-START button to bring the battery back to life

Does the RE-START tech work? Absolutely. To test this, I hooked-up a 12v fan directly to the battery and let it run until it stopped. I pressed the RE-START button once, hit the eButton, and my bike turned over and started like it normally does. Nice! Recently a riding buddy swamped his KLR during a water crossing and in the process of getting the bike restarted, after maybe a dozen pushes of the eButton, without notice, his competing brand lithium ion battery became over discharged, and he was stranded. This is a perfect example of what Antigravity Batteries RE-START technology was designed to avoid. 

Over the last several months of riding with my Antigravity Batteries RE-START lithium ion battery, it's been flawless. This includes sitting in a hot Florida garage for a couple of weeks when it was raining non-stop without being charged, start/stop/start/stop dual sport duty, and a number of weekends of hot, humid, & wet Florida trail riding. On my last riding trip to the Ocala national forest, it was super hot, humid, and I was really working the bike riding in deep sand. When taking trailside breaks, the radiator fan would run for 4 to 5 minutes each time (key on with headlight on), and when I hit the eButton, the starter turned over the engine with ease, lighting quickly. With 360 cranking amps @ 10Ah vs. the stock lead acid 190 @ 9.1Ah, I'm not surprised.

Update: I'm still running this battery as of 12/11/2018 and it's not missed a beat in any way.

Pros :thumbsup:

  • Huge weight savings over lead acid (2.5lbs. vs. 6.625lbs.).
  • Faster starts because of stronger cranking power.
  • Smart technology that keeps you from being stranded.
  • Smart technology that extends battery life.
  • Flexible 4-terminal design.

Cons :thumbsdn:
Until remote RE-START button is released, for some bikes, getting to battery RE-START button could be challenging.

Bottom-line :prof:
If you want the weight savings that lithium ion batteries offer, but without the risks of being stranded from being over discharged, Antigravity Batteries RE-START battery is not only a good choice, being the first of its kind, it's your only choice.

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