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Shinko 525 Hybrid Cheater Reviews

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I've had this tire on my GG 300 for 31 hrs. 56 yo C rider, hare scrambles,enduros and N. East trail riding. It is just starting to round the leading edge of the knobs, braking edge is still nearly square. It is shaping up to be a very good all around tire. The best part is on roots, the bike just crosses them, wet or dry. Wet off camber you have to layoff the gas of course but it still tracks right accross. Off camber hillside trails which we have a lot of, you can choose your line, you don't have to stay down next to the berm.

I will be buying another, It gives up some in the mud to an MT16, or irc M5B (?) but everywhere else it is very good. I have friends who have the 505 Cheater on similar bikes, Beta,KTM. That seems to be a tire they only like in rocky, rooty maybe wet but not muddy conditions, they always end up putting on an MT 16 etc for everything else. I feel I can leave the 525 on and use it for everything.

I also have the 216 "fatty" on the front thatbI am just as happy with. Same hours and it still is basically new.

Forgot to mention this combo has great braking grip. I can go down most hills in the woods, quicker and with more confidence that the bike will track and slow down when I want.

I run tubes 9.5-10.5 psi rear and 11-12 front btw.

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Marcus G


I put 120km on this tire on my first ride with a good bit of it being road between trails and the tire worked extremely well and the wear so far looks pretty decent for a gummy tire. In the trail it was predictable and gave me the traction I needed to complete some tough steep hills with a lot of roots and some tricky technical areas. I ride mainly hard enduro single track and so far this tire has eaten up everything it has encountered except for mud, it was not fantastic in plain mud but as you have some roots thrown in there off you go great traction again. 

I run tubeliss with this tire and ran it around 5psi and so far so good. I will definitely look at ordering another one in the future and I am very happy to sacrifice some wear for great traction, can’t have it all in one tire. 

i added a photo of the shinko (tire on left) lined up next to the other gummy tire that I like which is the IRC Ve33s (tire on right) another great tire. 


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I run this rear tire with the Tubliss sytem and love it.  38yr old High C/Low B Rider in Eastern Colorado.  Tire hooks up pretty well and stick to rocks.  I was amazed at the traction I was able to get.  Knobbies are designed for harder terrain but are still serviceable for soft sand.  Good all around tire.

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Haven't ridden it yet but looks very promising. It reminds me of the old Goldentyre GT523KX that I loved. We shall see how it it works in the AZ desert!

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