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Scott Meshey 141

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For those of you who are serious about their four-stroke motors, I have a strong suggestion, call Jamie Ellis at Twisted Development. I’ve had the opportunity to test their work in my ‘18 Husky FC250, and not only am I impressed by their work, but by the team and their support as well. 

You may recognize Twisted Development as the motor builder of choice for the I.B. Corp Yamaha and Club MX KTM (you know, the guys who were ripping consistent starts in the 250 class) Supercross teams, Racetrack Supercross series, or their spotlight in the Racer X Films YZ250F Dual Injector Test. TD’s owner, Jamie Ellis, has been familiar with racing and motors for quite some time. Growing up racing, taking a job with Maestro Suzuki as mechanic for Jeff Dement, then working for teams such as Yamaha of Troy, Factory Red Bull KTM, Canidae Kawasaki, Rockstar Energy Suzuki-KTM, and later taking over in-house motor modifications at Rockstar Suzuki until he formed Twisted Development. 


For discussion sake, I’ll note I’ve put 40 plus hours on a stock ’18 Husqvarna FC250 for Arenacross and several other races... so I understand the feel of the stock 250. We armed my ’18 Husky FC250 with some head work, a piston designed by TD, a Vortex 8E ECU with mapping by TD for VP Pro-6 fuel, a full FMF Megabomb and 4.1 exhaust system, and a Twin-Air Powerflow Air Filter Cage. You might think there should be more to it… but let there be no doubt that this IS a race motor. 


I put the bike to the test for the first time at my Loretta Lynn’s area qualifier in Tennessee, and from there I raced the bike at WW Ranch and RedBud for Loretta Lynn’s regional championships, and finally at the AMA Amateur National Championship at Loretta Lynn’s in the 250A class. Let me say… I started calling her White Lightning for a reason! I noticed a big difference in the bike across the entire spectrum, from simple things like throttle response and engine rev up/down, but the biggest difference came on the track. This ECU tied up the work done to the motor, fuel, and the exhaust, bringing everything together as one cohesive unit. I noticed a major change in the bottom and mid RPM power of the motor from stock to the TD bike, and the entire curve just felt like it had a stronger response. While the response was robust, the curve was surprisingly smooth, with a slight increase in the higher RPMs like a typical Husky. This was especially noteworthy for starts and straights, being able to wind out each gear to stay in the top-end threshold for longer and having that ever-increasing pull from the motor to rely on in case I got a little off balance. Of course, with this motor was the realization, that with just a twist (pun intended) of the throttle this bike comes alive, it responds to what is required of it and will run other bikes down!


Loretta Lynn's 2018, photo by Maine Event Photography (MEPMX)

 Without a doubt, Twisted Development’s creation blows the doors off any 250 I have ever ridden, and it demonstrates its capabilities everywhere on the track. Personally, I find the strength of power is close to that of a Husky FC350, just a different power curve. With the stock bike, I noticed that the FC250 seemed to struggle slightly when under high demand immediately out of the gate. With that being said, the bike had more than enough torque to leap out of the gate and was willing with its response to climb the RPMs, while starting in second gear, it was quickly over the gate creating a clear path in front of me. There is more than enough power across the spectrum for the Husky to attack any obstacle on the track. I was able to be more aggressive over jumps due to the throttle response and performance of the motor, easily getting me over them. I also found it possible to be a gear higher in some corners, allowing me to use the added grunt on the low-end to pull me out of the corners smoothly and use the entire power curve, rather than doing a ton of shifting, as required when the bike was stock. Also, it was easier to clear jumps that were right out of a tight corner, for example, at my Loretta Lynn’s qualifier in Tennessee, there was a single double right after a very tight 180, it had a deep rut that slowed you down a bit. Most people struggled to use the backside of the single right after the corner to get the drive to hit this double, but I found it effortless to stay in a low gear and let the motor do the work. It’s honestly easier to ride this bike than a stock 250 because of the power increase and the utilization of the entire power curve!


Loretta Lynn's 2018, photo by Maine Event Photography (MEPMX)

Now let’s talk about the customer service side of Twisted Development. I’m sure anyone who attended either of the regionals I attended is aware while running up front I encountered a few mechanical issues, I think it’s important for full disclosure and I believe this speaks to Jamie and the credibility of the team at Twisted and their unrelenting search for the answer to the hiccup in its running and resolution. We narrowed it down to an electrical issue that has been completely out of our hands, working very hard with me to eliminate all the possibilities and even encouraged looking at the ECU to diagnose if it is working properly. There was never a time in the phone calls to their business that I was put off or felt as though it was a bother. They worked tirelessly to diagnose the reason for the loss of power, making their team a part of my own team to ensure my success.

Most recently, I suffered a DNF first moto of 250A at Loretta Lynn’s due to a mechanical failure. When the news reached Jamie and Cody, they immediately tended to my bike to diagnose the issue. They went through the bike with a fine-tooth comb, found a faulty wiring harness and damaged spark plug cap. The bad wiring harness had proven to be the problem since the start, keeping in mind that the motor work was done to a brand new bike (apparently you can get a bad wiring harness from the factory). With replacement parts in hand, they took their time to make sure the bike was put back together, making a few adjustments to help with the Loretta Lynn’s humid environment. In fact, they worked tirelessly until about 9 PM, fired the bike up and sent me back to my pit with the bike ready to race. No question about it, they are truly committed professionals and stand behind their work, with one goal, to provide the best opportunity for success off the line, every time!


At the end of the day, if you’re serious about your speed or your demand for a competitive bike, Twisted Development is an awesome business to consider for your motor builder! Their integrity and sense of professionalism in what they do is unparalleled. They exceeded my expectations in how they handled questions, as well as resolving issues when their work was not the cause. Twisted came together, in an intense and demanding environment, successfully as a team to put me back on the track with a bike that is ready to run with the best. This isn’t something that you see every day! Kudos guys for a great experience!!

Pricing breakdown:

  • Head Work $1090
  • Seats $170
  • Vortex ECU $699
  • Mapping $250
  • Piston $476

Check out Twisted Development's website for all of their services! 


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