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AirPro Buddy Plug Quiet Insert Reviews

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The AirPro Buddy Plug is an aluminium insert for OE exhaust systems designed to allow owners to tailor sound output (dB) to their particular needs. It's also a far more cost effective option to replace a lost OE baffle, since most OE's require you to buy the complete muffler assembly, sometimes for several hundred dollars.

Simply remove the stock exhaust baffle and replace it with the AirPro plug. It has five threaded holes that allow you to restrict or open up exhaust flow by installing or removing the supplied bolts (plugs). The center hole is not threaded and can't be plugged for obvious reasons.

The AirPro Buddy Plug looks well-made and has a nice polished finish. Instructions are clear and installation is simple. Just line-up the retaining screw threaded hole on the side and slide it in, install the retaining bolt into the existing hole, and you're ready to tune sound level to your liking. The factory spark arrestor remains and is unaffected.


I tested the AirPro Buddy Plug on a 2004 and 2006 Honda CRF230F, stock baffle removed and uncorked. This means that the restriction plate in the air intake has been removed and carb jetting has been modified with a 45 pilot jet, 132 main jet, and needle set on the 3rd slot from the top (Honda power-up kit specs). 

I took sound level readings at idle, approximately 3ft from the muffler, directly behind and level with the outlet. When recording sound levels at 1/4 and 1/2 throttle, exhaust sound levels were overcome by engine noise with two or more bolts installed, so I believe actual sound levels were not accurately obtainable. However, at a distance of approximately 50ft, an observer stated that sound did decrease slightly as more bolts were installed.

As a point of comparison, a normal conversation is around 60dB.

Measurements by "Sound Meter" app using Samsung Galaxy S7

So, how does the AirPro Buddy Plug affect power? I started with the insert, zero bolts installed, and the butt dyno says there was was no noticeable power drop. I also noticed that I could now hear the air intake when I throttled up, something not previously noticeable. The AirPro Buddy Plug took the edge off the growl that the pipe originally had, something that was pleasing to my ears.

As I rode, I progressively started adding bolts to the cap. The bike got quieter, but the mid-range on up suffered (as the manufacturer states). The power curve started to flatten out at 2 bolts installed, but the low-end wasn't affected. After all was said/done, my preference vs. the open stock exhaust was the AirPro Buddy plug installed with no bolts.

According to the manufacturer, Buddy Plug is designed for those who want to quiet their bike down, where noise can be a problem, whether it's sneaking into your hunting turf, riding in areas were the residents don't like loud bikes, or cruising home and not waking the neighbors up. It's easy to open it up quickly for a blast on the trails and the same to insert as many bolts as you'd like before you set out for home. It's a wonderfully simple & easy-to-use solution if you ask me. 



  • Quick & easy adjustment of sound output.
  • Looks and fits well.
  • Clear instructions and easy to install.
  • No permanent mods to stock exhaust.
  • Retains OE spark arrestor.


  • More than 2 bolts installed hurts mid-range on up power.

Final Word

The AirPro Buddy Plug is a neat little gadget that does what the manufacturer states it will do. I can now actually hear my tunes when riding above 1/4 throttle and I like that. Its probably not for everyone, but if your looking to drop some dB's, the AirPro Buddy Plug does the job quite nicely.

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