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AXP Racing Xtrem Skid Plate Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of AXP Racing Xtrem Skid Plate. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Can you ride Hard & Extreme Enduro with plastic protection? 

If that plastic is 8mm thick HDPE plastic, then, the answer is yes. For the longest time you would see mostly aluminum skid plates on off-road bikes. AXP Racing is changing that with the Extrem Skid Plate. 

What you need to know:

  • All hardware included (not much)
  • 3 point mounting (2 on frame crossbar, 1 up by pipe flange)
  • Very easy to install, no drilling, easy to pop on/off                                                                                              
  • Extensive coverage- frame, pegs, stator, water pump, clutch cover, linkage- all have protection
  • Lightweight, 8mm HDPE plastic reinforced in high-stress areas
  • No boot interference 
  • Killer styling and aesthetics


How is Installation?

Pretty simple. First you mount the black frame hooks securely to the skid plate with the provided hardware. Removing your pipe will make it a bit easier but I mounted this one with pipe only loosened. The hooks then attache securely to the frame cross-tube and lift the 'front' of the plate up and under the pipe and secure with the 2 bolts & spacers, all included. All of the provided hardware is tapered and fit with the plate is perfect. There are no harsh edges or lines to catch. Very streamlined underside to facilitate sliding easily. These hooks are part of the design that make it so simple to install & remove the skid for maintenance or cleaning.  Once mounted, snap a couple cool photos. 👍



How is Riding with Xtrem Skid? 

You don't even notice it's there until you need to slide over an obstacle. Then you glide over easily and you certainly notice it working. Riding around there is no increased engine noise or reverberation that way. I did not notice any loss off flex or any handling difference having the skid plate on vs off. 





Obstacles, how does the Xtrem do? 

It only took a second to get used to how slick the HDPE material is. It is a very slick material that lets you slide over some truly gnarly stuff. Some riders will really appreciate that. No more getting stuck and stalled on logs cause your plate bit into the material and wouldn't budge. 


The plate slides great and offers ample protection of you lose your balance and go down. Because the rocks around here are so gnarly, its going to scratch the material. But with the plates being 8mm thick, rock scratches are not a concern for a very long time. 

The plate does not transfer the energy from impacts. Instead, it absorbs it. The special type of plastic used allows it to take the hard hits without deforming or failing. 

The coverage on the Extrem extends up to the water pump and around to the stator. Losing your balance on rocks and falling, or sliding out a corner on tough terrain is no longer as much of a concern for serious damage. 




Very impressed with how AXP has built these plates to handle wood obstacles. You keep all of your speed and momentum and do not grab into the log at all. Even soft and decaying logs we were able to keep sliding over in our test of the plate. The HDPE material is great for not increasing or transferring friction. Wet wood slides even easier. The material coupled with the streamlined design made it very easy and enjoyable crossing logs, stumps, wood piles etc. 

Sometimes, you have to contort your body in weird positions to maintain balance, especially over obstacles. Your feet are in weird positions as well. Never did my size 12 boots interfere with the skid plate, on either side, regardless of the obstacle. 





What is different about this plate? 

I think the story with this plate is coverage & material. It goes from the exhaust flange to past your linkage (made for non-linkage models, too). The entire underneath side of your bike is protected. Then, AXP has designed the sides of the plate to extend up to cover and protect some of the most critical areas like your stator and your water pump. On the inside of these wings is where the welds are reinforced. The construction of this plate if very high quality. You can easily tell AXP takes a great deal of pride in making these plates. 

The HDPE material is perfect for the dirtbike application. Is is unbelievably strong, absorbs impacts, and holds colors and details well to look outstanding. The first thing I notice about a product is its appearance. These plates from AXP make the entire bike pop, especially a plate with some color. The black models are very sleek and adds a lot of style and sophistication.  


Who is this plate ideal for? 

This is an ideal addition for anyone looking to add some beefy protection and are sensitive to weight. This is a serious, professional-used skid plate that takes on the hardest of terrain by Extreme riders such as Wade Young & Mario Roman. It is a good fit for those who seek high quality craftsmanship and innovative technology to solve age-old issues. AXP is making a very clear name for themselves here in the States. They have long been a popular choice for performance overseas. 

It is one of those rare products where you can get a performance increase without giving something up in return. 

5/5 Stars from ThumperTalk staff



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This review is for the Xtreme skid plate Mfg Part# AX1421.

I put this on my 2020 TE300i.  There are some install nuances (video linked below) but the quality of this skid plate is worth the fussing.  Once you have it installed you’ll not want to remove it and with a oil drain tool, you won’t need to.


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Good protection, easy  oil change with Works connection drain

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Required some trimming or it rubs the pipe on a 2020 TE300i. Otherwise it's great.  

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· Edited by wr250ish


Beefy for sure......but.........

I purchased two of these. One for a 15/16 WR250F and one for a 17FE450 

On the yammy: Installation was simple and took all of 5 minutes since no additional brackets were required,  simply reuse the oem skid plate threaded holes and done.. ... coverage is definitely better than stock except I dont like how there is a large opening in the front that leave a hose exposed. Upper photos are stock, lower are AXP. These things are definitely thick, at 8mm I can see these lasting a long time . (A crayola is 8mm thick for reference) 

I purchased these directly from AXP in France and they arrived at my doorstep within a week. There was no sales taxes or shipping charges like some of the local dealers shenanigans around here.







This review is seperate for the install on a 17FE450 and it only gets 3 stars which is being VERY generous

Installation took me about 45 minutes, 15 of those were spent trying to figure how to mount it with two of the bolts being too short.

First off, the directions are crap at best. The coloring mats at Dennys are more informative, So if you dont like looking at pictures and trying to figure out wtf is going on, this ain't for you. None of the husky factory skid plate holes are reused, it's all new hardware. 

The instructions show removing the exhaust to install a mounting bracket. This is not necessary, and I'm not sure why it's pictured that way.

Two of the bolts are too short and I had to get longer ones out of a spec bolt kit.

There is no additional magneto cover protection ( which is the reason I wanted an aftermarket skid plate)

They utilize U shaped spring clips (gm body nuts) on the cross frame bracket these are going to fail after the first oil change and are notoriously cheap pieces of crap. Welded nuts are being added when I remove it for service. 








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