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· Edited by Timo2824


I ride my bike 12 months out of the year, so roughly half of my riding is in ambient temps below 60°F. I've found with my older bikes that riding in these cooler temps would result in engine temps below 140°F. I personally don't like to run engine temps this low because it can cause more wear and tear on your engine. I would duct tape one side of the radiator to keep the bike from running so cold, but this method isn't an exact science. On more than one occasion I would have to remove some of the tape because of changing outdoor conditions, or slower portions of the trail. Fast forward to last month I bought my first fuel injected bike right during our first cold snap. I was more worried about running this one cold because on a fuel injected bike you run the possibility of over fueling the engine. Excessive fuel will wash oil off of the cylinder wall and contaminate the engine oil. I wanted to make sure my engine ran at a constant temperature, but was wanting a better method than duct tape.

The obvious answer is a thermostat, cars have been using them since the 1920's. While shopping for inline thermostats I found the Thermo-Bob. It's specifically made for dirt bikes, they market them for KLR's and snow bike conversions. It's exactly what I was looking for, just a small housing for a thermostat with a bypass. I was lucky that they even had a kit that comes with everything I needed, for only $129.00! Note: they have more colors for an extra $15.00.

I ordered the kit on a Monday and received it on Friday. The thermostat housing is well made and about as small as it could be, I had no trouble figuring out how to mount it behind my radiator shroud. If you weren't looking for it you probably wouldn't even notice it. The Bypass Tee is also well made and sized just right to fit it in front of the exhaust header. My only gripes are minor, the hose clamps are higher quality, but they aren't the same size bolt as the stock ones. So I had to get a standard size socket out to finish the assembly. I'm also not super pumped on the hose quality for the bypass, but I used it anyway.

After a few rides I'm looking to install one of these on all of my water cooled bikes. My engine warms up faster, and while riding I never saw the engine temp get below 180°F, even on high speed sections. I haven't gone on a super tight single track section yet, but on my current rides I also didn't see temps above 190°F. This is telling me that it is causing minimal if any restriction. Anyone who rides in colder ambient temperatures should definitely look into one of these. 





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