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Acerbis X-Trip Gear Bag Reviews

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Bryan Bosch

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My gear bag of the last almost decade finally gave up and I decided to replace it with an Acerbis X-Trip Roller Bag. A key factor in this decision was its combined 60" (L+W+H) dimensions. I seem to fly Southwest Airlines most of the time and this squeaks under their 62" threshold for over-sized baggage. OS bags can be charged $75.00 per bag each way!  So far the bag has made a half dozen or so trips to local riding spots and a couple of cross country trips, so I think that I've had enough time using it for a fair review.

How Much Can it Hold?
This is sort of a tough question because I prefer to travel light. For me, the X-Trip holds everything that I need for a weekend of riding. The main lower compartment is divided into two sections, both with zipper mesh enclosure flaps. The divider is held in place with Velcro that is easily opened if you'd rather have one large lower compartment.

Mesh Panels Make it Easy to See What's Where

The boot compartment isn't quite wide enough to stow my sized 10" TXC Evo Comp boots (tall and deep boots) laying flat in a head/toe fashion, but there is enough height for them to fit with toes up and angled to the side. Not a huge issue, but this orientation does eat up a little storage space. This compartment is vented with six metal trimmed holes.

In terms of the helmet compartment, it's functional, but I think there is room for improvement. While the sides of the bag are semi-rigid so it holds its shape, this offers limited protection from overzealous baggage handlers. I cut out a few panels of high-density foam that I had laying around and stuffed them on two of the outward facing sides. I didn't worry too much about the bottom because the telescoping handle mechanism offers some protection and your riding apparel is stowed above, offering good padding. Not a deal breaker, but I'd pay a little more for a better protected helmet compartment. To protect my googles and save space, I stow them inside my helmet that is inside a draw-string fabric bag.

The upper compartment also has a zipper mesh enclosure flap and runs the full length & width of the bag. Here I stored my riding pants, gloves, jersey, jacket, hydropack, miscellaneous gear, and odds & ends. This compartment is padded, but is not semi-rigid like the lower compartments, so you can pretty much stuff it full as long as you can zipper it shut without putting too much pressure on the enclosure flap. On the outer top of the bag is a somewhat shallow pocket that is good for paperwork, magazines, or other somewhat flat items. I didn't really use it, but wanted to mention it. Lastly, there are beefy nylon buckles that allow you to tie the upper and lower bag sections surely together, so you don't find your bag on the baggage belt inside a large plastic airline bag with your gear poking out.

This Load Used about 80-85% of the X-Trip's Capacity

How's it Held Up?
Time is the ultimate test, but so far the bag has been flawless.  The telescoping handle extends & retracts quickly without binding, the bag rollers show little wear and roll smoothly, the over-sized main compartment zipper has been snag free and there is no unraveling of the stitching. There are three nylon grab handles (2 top, 1 end) where the stitching has been doubled and riveted for extra durability. The outer seam piping has corrugated hard plastic material at all corners being high-wear areas. On one end and bottom the X-Trip has a TPU plastic skid plate, feet, and plastic skids that has protected the nylon body fabric from abrasion and also made pulling the bag up curbs and stairs easier, and allows the bag to stand on end.

Convenient Features & Good Build Quality Make the Acerbis X-Trip a Good Choice in Gear Bags

My Bottom-Line
Overall, I'm happy with the Acerbis X-Trip Roller Bag. It fits all my stuff without being excessively large, it keeps my stuff well organized, and it makes transporting my gear by plane easy and without OS bag charges. Time will tell, but I expect this bag to last a good while with minimal care. However, I hope that I wear it out fast because that means I'm riding a lot of interesting places!

Business Card Holder is Nice to ID Your Bag on the Airport Belt

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