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KTMandHusky.com Fuel Bundle #3 for 12-16 EXC/XCW-F/FE Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of KTMandHusky.com Fuel Bundle #3 for 12-16 EXC/XCW-F/FE. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Might have Drank a little bit of the Kool-aid on this one a bit, BUT I will have to ride some more to get a better read on the benefits this Product MAY provide with reduced flameouts when cracking the throttle at lower speeds or in tight situations. I give the 90 degree fuel fitting 5 stars because the '15 ktm250 xcf-w did not have an existing 90 just a fuel line loop that is vulnerable to getting cut open on a ride or crash, it is way lower profile and tucked under the tank unlike before! I would also give 5 Stars to the fuel filter because he has designed a much better filter to be part of the quick connect which seals great and offers a lot more protection than the stock in-line filter. The one product I'm not sold on yet, even after install is the Fuel Rail. I get where he is coming from on the >90 degree turn the fuel has to make when grabbing a fist full of throttle, I'm just not sure that it is as big of an issue that he makes it out to be, BUT I need to test out some more to see if my 5-10 flameouts per ride are reduced, but I imagine the TPS tuning makes more of a difference there than the fuel rail. Which I am going to give a shoutout to TPStool.com here to get his tool rather than KTMandHusky.com, TPS tool offers a digital and pigtail option and is a bit less expensive for a noticeably better unit (see my other Review on that). Another point on the fuel rail was installation, as an "average joe" with self-taught mechanical skills, it was a difficult component to access requiring shock removal and subframe to be pivoted upward (see picture). But the product comes with good instructions to get it done yourself, as well a learn some good skills. He does make it sound like you should reef on the subframe to get it up, there is 1 zip-tie to cut and you can go easy with it if you go slow and move restrictions as necessary. I would say it took me 2 hours to disassemble for ALL my exhaust and fuel upgrades and 2 more hours to bolt back up. May I suggest disassembling while you wait for products to ship, then you can bolt on right when you have the parts, his instructions are on the website (go to understanding the products tab and select the appropriate fuel rail option); you don't have to wait for the parts to arrive for instructions. Also the stock phillips screws fastening the stock fuel rail on are a B&$#@ to remove on the 250 frame anyways, so i used an impact drill with a long phillips head, be really careful not to strip! The kit comes with replacement allen screws which I was really happy to see and way easier to re-install! Also appreciated the extra fuel hose and clamps so you can decide where you want to reuse stock lines and where you want to replace it to make it look nice. I put the new hose between my new 90 degree fuel tank fitting and the quick connect coupler and reused the factory line for the fuel filter to the fuel rail as it had some useful pre-bends that made feeding the hose without pinching easier. 


If you haven't seen my other Mods/Reviews on KTMandHusky you'll see I have the Grunt Exhaust Manifold and STE-2 Endcap which I really like on my bike. However these Exhaust mods or even another Header/Slip-on Mod would require some TPS adjustment to prevent Lean conditions as well as see tangible results in the bikes performance. That being said, if I need to increase my TPS, my bike will sacrifice a bit of fuel economy for performance, if all this Fuel bundle does is offer me some protection and slightly more efficient fuel delivery then it is worth it to me. $175 is a little steep but if you are stuck on the trail with a cut unprotected fuel line or a clogged filter you might wish you had it.  

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