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Scorpion Yosemite XDR Gear Reviews

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In the world of ADV, riders have a pursuit for multi-use perfection. That pertains to bike parts and riding gear even at camp. But is there a “perfect” multi-use item out there? Where it might shine high, it will fall short on another; it is the challenge of the game. Scorpion decided to put their hand into this game with their Yosemite Gear. At first glance it starts off strong with an attractive price tag, solid looks and layers for varying weather. I wanted to dig a little deeper to see how close to perfection Scorpion could get.

Product Overview

This is not my first piece of gear from Scorpion. Through my use over the years, I discovered them as a great bang for the buck company. Well, that explains the price tag, but could they really compete with top dogs like KLIM? Overall, the construction of the suit is excellent, no loose stitch joints with a rugged feel. The suit was used from everything from daily commuting to multi-day trips, street riding at 29* F, to 90* F on the fire roads, pouring rain to beating down sun. Utilizing the reinforced areas of high wear spots, none of those elements phased its construction retaining the appearance as new. Armor for this set is everywhere expected: knee, elbows, shoulders and back (all CE level minus the back pad). Zippers were smooth with generous sized rubberized pull tabs for even winter glove use. The real eye opener is the venting on this jacket: almost full length mesh arm panels, intake and exhaust in the pants, very generous intake chest vents and an almost full sized back panel. I really appreciated the design idea to include a hideaway pouch for the huge chest and back panels with Velcro attachments to retain position. When tucked away, it offers the exact feeling of a true mesh jacket.

Product Testing

Starting with fitment, I am about 5’9” 155lbs with a 31 inch inseam. I chose a size medium in both pant and jacket. With all layers in place, the fit is spot on for me, mildly snug as expected when wearing three layers. Heading out for a ride in frigid temperatures, an invincible feeling from the outer elements is felt, which is usually only something found on bulkier, more expensive suits. While a kidney belt is optional, I see no need given the weight of the jacket. Only when the temperature dips below freezing does it begin to penetrate to your body. I have never felt that level of comfort while riding in such low temperatures. Regardless with or without layers, I felt the cut leaned more towards an American fit, street touring, over true “ADV” where sitting is more common than standing. At the base of the pant legs, knee brace room was available (although limited when pads are removed) and Velcro closure is used to secure around a boot. With a half-height boot, the pant legs shortened too much when sitting, leaving an exposure point to the elements. Full height touring boots were ideal leaving MX boots too snug, unless you run the pant in the boot. 

As with most ADV gear, pockets are littered throughout. I found the lower jacket pouch pockets the most used, offering great placement and easy Velcro closure with enough coverage to keep most rain out. While the chest mesh vents double as pockets, they are best left as vents as it leaves an item exposed. Coming down to the pants, the hip pocket zipper is angled in need of a bike dismount to operate. At the thigh level pockets, I really wanted to like the design to angle them properly in the sitting position; however, with their Velcro closure, they were only secure and useful in the sitting position. I could not trust them enough with anything valuable in the standing position given the angle.  For a pocket that frequently changes angle, a zipper would have been nice to see.

I appreciated that the suit is adequately covered with reflectivity. It simply lights up during night riding, so much so that I even received a comment from a fellow rider how visible I was in his headlight.

I found temperature control very accommodating. The layers do their job well. Multiple times I found myself riding in the rain and the H2O layer accompanied by the attachment zipper for jacket to pant left me warm and dry. I do truly believe this is a four season jacket. The process of removing or adding layers is done so by button snaps and zippers. Scorpion offered a contrasting yellow button and loop to ensure the layers would coordinate back the same way each time. However, the opposing button was black, which was very difficult to see when indoors or in low light. Having two contrasting colors from the black interior would speed the process up even in low light situations. When all layers were removed and mesh panels were in full “wind” mode, the jacket was a breeze to ride in…literally. While the jacket offered a snug fit when fully layered, the trade-off became overly apparent with a loose, maybe even baggy feel. Scorpion offered arm adjustments and waist adjustments to cinch down the garment, but in turn gave the jacket a women’s cut feel on me, narrow waist and roomy chest. I contribute that to my personal size though, lacking the chest and shoulder size to fill this style of cut. Even with a fit that took some getting used to, I frequently received the comment “that looks hot wearing all of that." Never did I feel that to be true. The appearance of solid coverage fools the mind to believe this to be warm, yet Scorpion nailed the ventilation for warm weather riding while retaining rider safety.

Pros: 👍

  • Attractive price point
  • Very weather resistant
  • Extremely versatile
  • Full Coverage safety for year round riding

Cons: 👎

  • Sizing can be tricky (Baggy for slender riders)
  • The thigh pocket needs a zipper!
  • Black loop difficult to see

Bottom Line :prof:

Scorpion put their hand into the ADV game with a solid offering at a very appealing price point. The bang for the buck is outstanding, offering a full suit for the price sometimes seen for just a jacket. The availability to ride year round pays for itself, offering comfort and safety to the rider. Sizing can be tricky, but testing with and without layers will be indicative for your individual structure. This is without a doubt my go-to riding gear without thought of what the weather may bring.

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