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The worst experience possible.

I bought Medium Ultra Cell 2.0 braces.  While riding, one of the top strap buckles came undone which I noticed later - shown in "asterisk buckle 1" photo.  This is a manufacturing error where the screw used was misaligned/drilled in place outside of it's respective hole point.  I emailed asterisk and was told to send them in to them so I did (at my own cost).  I asked if they send me a new pair it be a Large as I can tell the Mediums sit a bit high on the knee despite accurately matching knee size to their instructions.  I think my thigh and calves are larger than average which is where the problem was.

They sent me back my Mediums.  No problem - they're obligated to fix the problem not send me new ones.  I pulled the screw out of the specific buckle which I sent the braces in for repair.  I found "returned buckle 1" image.  It looks better, but still clearly not properly done.  Out of curiosity I checked the same buckle on the other brace and found "opposite buckle" image.  It's also clearly wrong.  Lastly, I checked a buckle on the bottom of one brace as shown in "correct buckle" image.  That's how all of these buckles should look.

I emailed all of these photos back into several members of their team after I got these back in the mail and asked if this is the best they can do.  It's been about two weeks now with no response.

Two nights ago a took a spill in a corner and I found out this morning I completely tore my ACL while where these braces.  Surgery is around the corner.

When you spend over $700 for knee braces you better find a company that cares about your safety and that hasn't been Asterisk in my case.  It's likely there are several more of these braces out on the track which have buckles that are nearly broken like mine was (completely broken).  I felt they should have sent me Large braces back in respect of their manufacturing error instead they sent me mine back with multiple errors.

I'll never wear Asterisk's again and will never recommend this product or company.

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