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Technology Elevated SmartCarb 2 Reviews

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Awful experience with the Smart Carb 2! I recently purchased the latest version of the Smart Carb 2. I was extremely excited for it to arrive! I had explained to them my limited mods (RK-Tek head) they mentioned that the RK-Tek head causes the bike to use more fuel and because of this they need to install a richer metering rod. RK-Tek disputes this saying it does not require any additional fuel. They also mention the Smart Carb is ancient technology that does not work well. That they’ve heard of many problems with them. Well I received the carb last Friday, a day after the promised delivery date. Important because I had a long group ride weekend planned starting Thursday. And I expressed the importance of it being here by Thursday. He said it’d be at my place by Thursday guaranteed. I postponed my trip a day to wait for the carb. I installed it Friday afternoon when it arrived. When I first started it the bike would not run. I had to adjust the idle quite a bit just to get it to run. And what it was doing was hardly considered running well. (video coming soon) I got on the phone with SC and they asked me to lean it out using the top metering rod adjustment. He told me to keep turning it leaner and leaner until it would run. He said you can go as many clicks as you would like. I went a couple clicks at a time, nothing. A few more, nothing. He said to keep going leaner. 15 clicks, 20, 30, 35. I asked him several times if this was okay to run so lean. He said keep going. 50 clicks leaner, 55, 60, 65. Now it was starting to run okay but not great. Tons of spooge running down the pipe. Keep going he said. 70 clicks leaner. He said go on your trip and give it some time to break in. A carb needs time to break in? Never heard of such a thing. I decided to go on my trip. I had installed it and already missed a day of riding. I rode Sargents and hit some high elevations. The bike ran very poorly right off of throttle to about 1/4 throttle, then it’d run okay but not great. All the time pouring oil out the pipe. When I got back I reached out to SC again. I was asking if it were possible the metering rod they installed was too rich. They assured me it was not. I again called RK-Tek because they once again wanted to know what insert he sold me. Again RK-Tek told me to get my money back and get rid of the SC crap. I got ahold of SC again to see what we’ve gotta do to get the bike running properly. They were very defensive this time, saying their product is superior to anything out there. After listening to them rant and rave about their amazing customer service, and how smart they all are, I started to get fed up. I asked if it’d be possible to just get a refund, that I’ve had good luck previously with the Lectron on other bike builds. They then went on another rant about how inferior Lectron is. Then they started saying they would give a refund, but possibly a partial refund. Then they mentioned repairing it. Maybe a float issue, and if they could sell it as new then maybe more of a refund. It was such a weird long rant they went on. I asked for a refund and the got all weird about shipping and much higher shipping costs than I paid to get it here. Anyhow, this has been such an awful experience!  I was willing to work with them, thinking this may be an isolated experience. I even offered to pay for another carb in full, and to ship this defective one back, but that just turned into another long unprofessional rant from them. With crazy shipping prices. I finally just have to walk away from this awful experience sadly. I explained to them that I’d need to write a review of my experience. They said “go ahead, your review will eventually be drowned out in our sea of good reviews”.  Such an awful and ridiculous experience! Very arrogant bugger! 

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I've had the Billet SC1 a little over a year now and just went with the SC2 with the internal vents a couple months ago. What can I say other than it's awesome. I'm riding a ktm 380 which are notoriously thirsty bikes. The SC really helped my fuel mileage out. No more fuel anxiety on longer trail rides. The single circuit design is very  simple and gives the bike a very linear powercurve, with added low end grunt. Corey Dyess of Technology Elevated has really helped with every question/concern I've had with both carbs. The carb is awesome for making huge elevation changes, It's truly a set it and forget it deal. 

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