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Falco EXTREME PRO 3.1 Boots Reviews

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Boots, much like oil or helmets are a vast commodity in the motocross world. There are dozens of different brands, styles and colors style, but which are best for you? What set some apart from the others?

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to test the Falco Extreme Pro 3.1 Motocross boots. Falco is an Italian manufacturer who has a long history (over 20 years) of road racing gear and boots, but have only recently entered the motocross boot segment. The Falco Extreme Pro 3.1 is a CE approved mid-level boot that features aluminum buckles, dual compound sole and to-die-for gel insoles. Falco also leverages interesting technologies that including D30 impact protection, Air-Tech lining and High-Tex waterproof membrane.

Initial Impressions

Visually the Falco Extreme Pro 3.1 boots present well. They appear to be well built with clean lines, nice stitching and shiny hardware. They certainly look legit. Not heads and shoulders above other mid-priced boots that I've owned, but very competitive with the bigger brands. When I compared their weigh to my current boots from Gaerne and Alpinestars, again, the Falco's were squarely in the ballpark. But, once I slipped them on... game changer.


Over my 15+ years of riding and racing I've gone through many different boots from wide-range of brands. I’ve scoured catalogues and dealer racks, trying on seemingly countless boots from countless manufacturers (some of which are now defunct!). That said, I have never, ever put on a comfier set of boots than the Falco Extreme Pro 3.1 (seriously).

It was like sliding my feet into two clouds from heaven. The gel insoles are so soft and conforming that I was honestly shocked that my feet were in a pair of mx boots. But to clarify, the gel isn't just a removable footpeg that you can pick up from the corner drug store. The material actually covers the entire inside of the boot.

As I walked around I practiced my best “Lean back, the whoops are coming!” squat to see how much break-in would be needed. To my surprise, despite their suppleness, they are still very supportive and only a moderate amount of break-in was required. As someone who has small calves and ankles, I've struggled a bit to find boots that fit well. The Falco Extreme Pro 3.1 boots fit slightly looser than I'd prefer, but with adjustments I was able to find a decent fit.  Riders with more typical lower leg anatomy would certain have no issue with fitment and I'd say that they'll even accommodate  those on the larger side of the spectrum.


So, Falco Extreme Pro 3.1 boots look the part and are extremely comfortable. All good, but will they protect your feet & ankles from common riding impacts? As a mid-priced boot one might expect to sacrifice some in this area, but in this case, very little. Unlike some of the similarly priced boots that I've ridden in, once the Falco's are strapped on tight they have a very firm, controlled feeling around the ankle joint and up into the calf region. This is due to the ESO Motion 2 MX System that limits the amount the boot can flex both fore and aft as well as side-to-side to minimize the possibility of ankle injury. 

The Falco Extreme Pro 3.1 also features a D3O impact gel insole and ankle cup that provides an all-round level of comfort and protection that is unmatched in a boot within this price range. For those unaware, D3O is a relatively new material that is initially soft & flexible however, when impacted it reacts by stiffening. I also found that the D3O helped to absorb some of the vibrations that I normally felt through the footpegs. More on D3O HERE.

I also like the Falco's injection-molded outer carcass. This shell has provided ample protection from rocks, sticks and other trail & track debris. Overall, considering this boot's price point, it offers a pretty solid protection without any significant uncovered bases.

Durability and Longevity

After several weekends in the saddle I'm still very pleased with these boots. The toe cap has not ripped off, the buckles still work well (easy to operate) and the level of comfort I initially felt remains. The outer sole initially felt very soft to me and while this made for great footpeg traction, it made me wonder how well they'd hold up.  After about 20 hours of riding a few different bikes (including a KTM with its dreaded razor blade rear brake tip), the soles still look near new.

With my testing consisting plenty of wet winter and spring riding, I found the boots to be waterproof, having nearly submerged them on a number of occasions without leaking.

A toe cap screw did manage to work its way out somewhere along the line, but a quick search through my garage hardware bin took care of that. I also found that occasionally when pulling the boot straps tight, they loosened back up.  This only happens once in every 5 or 6 times and it doesn't seem to happen when riding. Notable, but a small quick in and otherwise great pair of boots.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I’m very pleased with the Falco Extreme Pro 3.1 boots. They are reasonably priced, offer solid protection, pretty durable and extremely comfortable. I can see how riders might be a bit apprehensive about trusting their feet to a lesser known brand, but I urge anyone reading this that is in the market for new boots to try on a pair of Falco's if possible. There is only so much you can gather from seeing boots on-line and I walked away thoroughly impressed.


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