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Fisch Moto Modular Spark Arrestor Reviews

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Updated 05/02/2020

  • This product is now USFS approved.

The Fisch Moto modular spark arrestor kit is an elegant solution for adding a spark arrestor to an OEM exhaust or just about any round core silencer (2 or 4 stroke).

The Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor is a complete kit and comes ready-to-install.

I installed the "KIT 30" version which fits inside the 30mm outlet on my 2019 Yamaha YZ450F exhaust . Check the Fisch Moto website for measurements of the five different kits.  The kit comes complete, ready for installation with set screws, hex key and Loctite threadlock.   The spark arrestor body is precision machined from stainless steel and is a very attractive part that fit perfectly inside the OEM exhaust.  In fact, it is such a precise fit that I had to clean the carbon out of the opening and polish it a bit before it would slide in without a bit of force.  It fits snugly with pretty much no play and is secured in place with 3 hex head set screws.  With a clean exhaust core, installation is just a couple of minutes. 

The Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor actually dressed up the stock silencer on my YZ450F.

I ran my bike with the "Hard Hitting" and "Travis Preston" engine maps and could not detect any performance degradation according to my seat-of-the-pants dyno.  Granted, my bike has nearly 60 HP, so noticing a decrease in power would be more difficult than on a 250F.  I also didn't notice any real changes in sound level, whether it was idling in my shop or  wide-open on the track and trails. For all intents and purposes, the the Fisch Moto spark arrestor is transparent and doesn't affect exhaust flow at any significant level.

On the 2019 YZ450F, Yamaha did an excellent job with the exhaust design.  From what I have read, not many aftermarket exhaust systems provide any meaningful performance benefit without negatively affecting some part of the power curve.  The Fisch Moto spark arrestor preserves the power delivery characteristics of the bike that I like with the added bonus of being spark arrested when I hit the trails.


  • Ready-to-install kit, complete with wrench & threadlock.
  • Quick & easy installation/removal w/o removal of silencer end-cap.
  • HQ fit & finish w/ little to no performance hit.
  • More affordable than complete spark arrestor end-caps or a new slip-on.

Cons 👎

As of my review, Fisch Moto only has verbal approval  from the USFS. They plan to make a downloadable copy of the written approval available on their website for current owners and future spark arrestors will be laser etched with this approval.


20191230_163515 (1).jpg
From packaging to product, a HQ product.

The easy to access
 angle of the set screws and included tool make installation and removal a no drama affair.


Dresses up the plain Jane OE silencer a bit.

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2015 Beta 390rr ...runs great ...only reason I will give it a 4 star even with the stubby spark arrestor it had to be bent to get pushed inside betas quick dropping exhaust...Jon from Fisch moto came out to see the fit as I purchased it locally...great guy...good product takes about 1 min to set up





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Installed this on my 2020 Beta 200rr 2 Stroke and this is an Epic Fail.  I spent the day trying to figure out why my bike seemed like it was falling flat in the woods on single track in low rpm trying to transition to half throttle.  I took it out in the field and ran it hard through all the gears and it was dying at 3/4 throttle pulls in 5/6 gear.  

I removed the unit and took it right back out again, and it was bringing the front wheel up in 4/5 gear WOT pops.  This may work on a open exhaust 4 stroke, but it is way to restrictive for a small 2 stroke exhaust outlet.

And yes; the model I had was an exact fit slip into the tip, no play or slop at all.  It was the largest one you could have gotten in the pipe.

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