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From wings.si :

The design of  mufflers is focused on KTM characteristic lines and shapes. The result of implementation of this principle is shown on the pictures.

Anyone familiar with our slogan "Because sound matters!" will realise that this is an area which we take particularly seriously. We don’t shrink from the effort of experimenting over and over again to find the perfect sound. Exclusive to  is an inner tube with rhomboidal holes instead of the commonly used round ones. We have also improved the hybrid damping wool composition - the most advanced on the market - through a process of research and on-going testing.

 turns noise into sound by filtering out unpleasant high frequencies so that only deep tones can be heard. Only  have two different sizes of dB-killers included (one louder and one quieter).

Silencers are supplied with large dB-killers already installed. Smaller (quieter) dB-killers are added gratis in the box. For the US and Canadian market, dB-killers have integrated spark-arrestors.

With  silencers you get it all - improved low-end torque, a significant weight reduction (up to 65%), much lower silencer surface temperature and an awesome sound.

 silencers are available in titanium because of the outstanding characteristics of the metal - lightness, resistance to corrosion, resistance to mechanical influences and durability. For the end-caps, we chose carbon fibre because of its extremely low weight and excellent ability to take any shape.

A muffler as a whole is a sum of details therefore each and every detail is important.

For example the premium damping wool we use exclusively is 3 times more expensive than the standard wool used by most of our competitors. Despite it is hidden inside the muffler we rather use higher quality component than make more profit. In the end the customer will notice that.

The same story with the rivets. There is a huge price difference between standard rivets and our special gas-tight stainless steel rivets but we continue using them because of their characteristics. Beside that with their look they contribute to high quality impression you get when you see the  muffler. We could use standard steel washers which would serve the purpose just fine but we prefer a premium look of CNC machined ones, made of aluminium and anodized.

Also because standard clamps haven't met our requirements we decided to make our own clamps. By looking at the pictures you will get the clear sense of what I'm talking about.

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