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Moose Racing Pro LG Skid Plate Reviews

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Installation was easy with basic hand tools in just a couple of minutes. The skid plate mounts to the bike using a metal frame bracket up front and single bolt at the rear that threads into an existing hole in the frame crossmember.  The rear mounting bolt is a tad short requiring me to push and turn the socket to get it started. I prefer to start fasteners with my fingers to avoid cross threading, but that didn't happen. Later, I replaced the rear bolt with a slightly longer one (+5mm) and that made install even easier (and less risky). Once installed the skid plate feels solid & secure. This particular skid plate doesn't feature an oil drain hole because the 2019 YZ450F has a horizontal drain plug. However, it goes on/off easily enough that it adds almost no time to routine maintenance.

Note: Moose doesn't list a fitment for the 2019 YZ450F, but p/n 0506-1220 for the 2018 fit just fine.

So easy to install, even a caveman can do it!

Fit & Finish

I was happy to see that the skid plate didn't stand out on my bike like a sore thumb. It tightly follows the contours of the frame and engine and covers all critical engine components & the frame rails (from the front and underneath), as well as the shock linkage without being overly bulky. As far as enduro skid plates go, this one compliments the looks of my bike.

Of the three mounting bolts, the rear is fully countersunk so that it won't be gnarled up or snag when sliding over whatever. While the two front frame bracket bolt heads aren't countersunk, they are out of the way of most impacts, so they shouldn't be an issue for most. Certainly hasn't been for me. The hardware used to secure the center stiffening HDPE bracket and linkage guard doubler (parts you generally don't need to dissemble) use countersunk allen head bolts with nylon locking nuts. Pretty much tighten and forget about them.

Moose Racing Pro LG Skid Plate protects my YZ450F from head to toe.


 On my last few rides I intentionally rode over obstacles or took lines that I typically avoid. I bounced on & slid over downed pine tree trunks and rode trail sections with deep ruts lined with fat oak tree roots and Limestone boulders. Outside of scuffs and scratches on the skid plate, no damage to my bike (critical or cosmetic). While I might not ride extreme enduro conditions like Graham Jarvis, I appreciate just riding without too much concern for trail damage.

One thing that I was initially concerned with was the flap that extends under the shock linkage.  I thought that it might limit ground clearance.  However, it's a non-issue because as the rear shock compresses, any object that comes into contact with the flap will cause it to flex upward with the shock linkage.  Thus, ground clearance is only decreased by the amount of the plate’s thickness (8mm).  HDPE is flexible, but tough.  It’s the best of both worlds!

In terms of noise, this HDPE skid plate is relatively quiet.  Unlike many aluminum skid plates, I could not detect any additional engine noise reflecting off the skid plate while riding.  I do wear ear plugs under my helmet, but no additional noise was noticed when sitting on the bike stand while not wearing any hearing protection.

Moose Racing Pro LG Skid Plate protects as good as it looks.

Pros 😁                                  

  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Full protection of frame, engine vitals & shock linkage.
  • Quiet compared to aluminum options.
  • Functional without killing aesthetics.
  • Minimal weight penalty (just under 3lbs).
  • Replaceable shock linkage wear pad.

Cons 🙁

  • Longer rear mounting bolt would make install slightly easier & reduce possibility of cross threading.


I wanted a skid plate that allowed me to ride whatever I want without having to worry about trail damage, that also didn't have a big weight penalty, looked too bulky or be too noisy. The Moose Racing Pro LG Skid Plate ended up checking all my boxes, so I highly recommend it to fellow riders with similar needs.

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These are made by AXP racing in France for Moose and are the best skid plates that I have used. I have the less protective one that doesn't go up as high by the coolant impeller feed hose nor does it have the linkage cover but is identical material and quality wise. Will definitely be using the same brand on my next new bike.

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