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Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle Reviews

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Great goggles. My 12 year old son is making the transition from youth goggles to adult goggles. When he started racing 4 years ago we tried all the goggles and he settle on Fox air goggles so when they got to small we went with the fox air, he did not like how they fit over the nose and had small gaps on the side. Bought the Leatt and he said these are the best fitting goggles he has ever had. I tried them on and rode with them, and fully agree with him. Granted they are on the pricey side but so were the Fox, Oakleys, 100% and others. But what I have notice is how long the lense last. He has been wearing for 90 days now practice twice a week and the the lenses are still like new. Will be ordering three more pair, spare for him and one for me and one for mom we all race competitively. Down side is they do not have. a great supply of the popular units.

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Coming out of that first turn mid pack or following your riding buddy up a steep, rocky climb you want confidence in your choice of goggle. But how much protection does the typical MX goggle provide against roost at its highest velocity? Leatt could only compare exiting that first turn to a speeding bullet and decided to create the Velocity 6.5 goggle, a high-performance MX goggle that is both impact and bulletproof rated among other things.

Do you really need that level of protection? What tradeoffs are there with such a robust lens construction? Let's take a closer look at the Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggle and what I learned riding with them.

Initial Impressions: they feel like no other MX goggle that I have worn being noticeably beefier, possibly a little heavier with a fairly rigid construction. This made me a little nervous at first, wondering how this one pre-set curve will fit different shaped faces. Aside from that its other features are much like other premium goggles on the market: 50mm easy-to-adjust helmet strap with non-slip silicone, aggressive outriggers, included tear-offs, removable nose guard, dual density foam with plush face padding and a soft carrying bag.

Coming in well below the $100 mark, the fact that they look so sick makes them hard to resist. The lack of an included clear lens is the only corner that I can think of that Leatt cut in order to keep the price down. An optional clear lens can be had for around $10 and up to around $25 for smoked tints & mirrored.

If you are coming from other brands of premium large framed goggles, helmet fitment will be very similar. I wear a Scorpion VX-R70 in size Large and the Velocity 6.5 with nose guard fit perfectly. Most modern helmets have adapted into this large goggle frame trend so you shouldn’t have an issue with fitment even if that means nose guard removal. Everyone who I rode with during testing tried the goggles with no fitment issues. Fitment was not possible on tested ADV style helmets (KLIM Krios, Shoei Hornet & Scorpion AT-950) with the visor up and out of the way; the eye port opening is just too small to allow these goggles to press evenly on my face. Fitment also lacked as an over-the-glasses (OTG) option. I wear glasses part-time and one other rider tried with theirs and we simply could not make them work. If that's you, I suggest a test fit before pulling the trigger.

I really enjoyed the plush face padding and even face pressure that the outriggers offered. Even on narrower female faces I could not get a complaint about the fit and feel of these goggles, removing my initial fear of the rigid frame design. After several dusty rides I appreciated the ability to separate the dual density foam from the frame for a hand wash and air dry.  When rides are cold and soggy the strap stays in place and the lens resisted fogging at an impressive level. Short of circulation fans, no more can be done to resist fogging.

My biggest gripe is the lens tear-off posts. Myself and other riders could not understand why the posts are set so inward on the lens. I noticed their location the first time I put the goggle on and it takes a level of concentration when riding to forget about them. They are a different color than the lens which sometimes catches your eye as a distracting object in your field of view (FOV). Speaking FOV, it's otherwise excellent with great optical clarity.

Speaking of the lens, most newly released goggles try to be the one with the “easiest lens change.”  Like other brands, it will take some practice to make it a fluid swap. I know I was not able to pop the lens out like the guy in the video the first time.  Given that the Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggle is impact and bulletproof rated, I applaud Leatt for retaining a fairly basic lens change process.

Further technology that Leatt dropped into the Velocity 6.5 goggle allows swampy mud to shed from the lens. There are two openings at the bottom of the lens that work as funnels vs. traditional goggle frames that have a continuous frame that can lead to pooling of water and mud, possibly draining to your face.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent value.
  • Maximum protection.
  • Comfortable fit & feel.
  • Awesome fogging resistance.

Cons 👎

  • Tear-off posts are distracting.
  • May not be over-the-glasses compatible.

Overall I'm impressed with the Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggle.  Sure, a couple of gripes for me personally, but both are outweighed by their value, performance, protection and appearance. Not sure that I need a bulletproof lens, but I'm also not sure if/when I'll encounter the worse-case-scenario projectile heading for an eye.

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