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Giant Loop Buckin' Roll Tank Bag Reviews

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Bryan II

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I ride in a climate that is warm pretty much year around, so my riding gear is typically lightweight, vented and lacks storage for trail essentials. I've also been riding with my cell phone mounted to the handlebar using an RAM X-Grip, but for a few reasons, I wasn't completely happy with this set-up. Recently Giant Loop introduced their Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and they asked me if I had any interest in giving one a shot. After their reassurance that it wouldn't flop around in even the nastiest of Florida sand whoops, I decided to give one a go.

How Does It Mount?

The Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag is a universal fitment using nylon straps and friction buckles. It fit my 2019 KTM 350XC-F very well in just a few minutes. The straps are extra long, so once I was happy with the routing that I chose, I trimmed the excess and singed the cut ends with a lighter to keep them from fraying.  Not being a fan of loose straps flopping in the wind, I appreciate that the lower mounting harness has elastic loops to secure them. The main bag zips onto the lower mounting harness, so the ends of the straps are sandwiched between the two. Clean & tidy, just the way my OCD likes it. This also means that the main bag can be zipped off if you go into, say a restaurant or convenience store when dual sporting or to clean it. It even has a built-in wrist strap if you need to keep your hands free while carrying it.

Lower harness locked-n-loaded, ready for bag to be zipped on.

How Much Does It Hold?

The Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag is on the small side, but that's exactly what I wanted (dimensions). It's been ideal to securely stow my Samsung Galaxy S7, truck keys, wallet, trail side snacks, a few smaller tools and some zip-ties without being stuffed. I could easily add in an extra pair of gloves or similar. It's more for those that want to carry trail essentials and also have quick access to them without removing gear such as a hydration pack with cargo pockets. That's a pain when you also wear a chest protector that integrates with a neck brace. Unzipping the main compartment with gloves on is easy thanks to the use of longer nylon cord for zipper pulls.

There are two elastic loops sewn into the inside bottom of the bag that have worked great at keeping tools from bouncing around and the key tether & clip means that your keys won't accidentally hit the dirt (even worse if not noticed) when pulling out whatever other bits you've stowed.

While I can operate my phone's touch screen from behind the clear vinyl panel with gloves on, it's a bit hit and miss. It's definitely a lot better with gloves off and mostly usable, but still not as good as phone in hand, no gloves.  All things considered, it's still useful for reading off-line maps, checking the time and viewing the notification screen.  The phone compartment also has an access port for a charging cable or 3.5mm headphone jack, neither of which I use currently.

Screen can be viewed & used from behind clear vinyl panel.

Puts trail essentials at your fingertips w/o getting in your way.

Is It Waterproof?

Since we're not in our rainy season yet, I tested the Buckin’ Roll's waterproofness with a garden hose. I stuffed a paper towel inside the cell phone and main compartments to see if either would get wet after spraying the bag from a variety of angles.  The cell phone compartment stayed bone dry, but the main compartment was slightly damp, so water resistant. This simulation was like a pretty hard rain storm, so splashes from puddles or shallow water crossings should be no problem this high on the bike. Nothing that a small Ziploc bag can't handle for stuff that can't get even slightly damp.

Does The Bag Bounce Around Or Get In Your Way?

This was a concern since I ride a lot of sand whoops and play on the MX track. The answer is, no. The Buckin’ Roll is very secure and doesn't bounce around in any conditions. When I'm charging hard and focusing, the bag is transparent.  Also, there are no buckles or anything that interferes with squeezing the bike with my knees.

When I posted a few pictures of the bag installed on Instaglam, some also wondered if the bag would get in your way. At least for me, it doesn't and I can still mount the bag about +2" forward without interfering with fuel cap operation. Our terrain is soft, so sitting on the fuel cap to turn isn't needed and since the bag is soft sided, it's no big deal if you lean into it getting forward while standing. 


I really like the Giant Loop Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag. It fits really well on late gen KTMs, it puts essentials at my fingertips, it's super secure and doesn't get in my way anywhere. It's a little on the pricey side, but it's well made, intelligently designed and performs incredibly well. I suspect that the initial sting at purchase will be quickly forgotten after enjoying the convenience & performance this little bag offers. 4.5 stars overall.


Giant Loop Buckin' Roll Bag doesn't look half bad on the three-fiddy.

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