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Maxima Pro Plus + Synthetic 4-Stroke Oil Reviews

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B Squared


I've always run Motorex in my KTMs, partly because it's factory recommended and partly because being a dealer for it takes some of the sting out of its premium price. A while back I went to order some from our distributor and it was backordered, so I checked what other synthetic 10w50 oils were readily available. As a liberal Maxima SC1 user I noticed the Maxima brand in the list and decided to give their ProPlus+ Synthetic 4-stroke oil a try. It met all the requirements listed in my owner's manual, it's made in the USA and less expensive than Motorex to boot. 

I'm on my 3rd oil change running ProPlus+ and the bike runs great and shifting is smooth. I always inspect the oil screens and magnetic drain plug for anything alarming, but both have looked normal. Essentially, I can't tell any difference between Maxima and Motorex. I've never been one to go cheap on engine oil and believe in changing it religiously, but all things being equal, I'll take the savings, especially in this rather uncertain economy.

Hope the 350 doesn't grenade not running Motorex! 😁

Am I Maxima convert? What really solidified it for me was a discussion that included @Mike@MaximaUSA, their Technology Director. He took the time to peel back the onion on a new oil formulation called PEAC. He answered our questions and added some real depth beyond the typical oil marketing claims of "More power!" and "Longer engine life." Give it a read @ https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1329351-legit-innovation-in-motorcycle-engine-oils/

Bottom-line, I'm happy with the performance that Maxima ProPlus+ Synthetic 4-stroke oil provides (even more so now that I understand the product formulation) and while price point is not my primary goal when choosing an engine oil, again, all things being equal, the savings is all upside.

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