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Hans Schmid

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Recently, a small Slovenia based company called Infinit d.o.o reached out to ThumperTalk to test their Traxy brand Tire Support System and after learning about its unique approach to increasing traction in extreme enduro conditions while minimizing flats, I was excited to give it a try.


Traxy is a Tire Support System that uses a hard, but flexible tire support that goes inside the tire in which the tube (or optional mousse) fits inside. This support creates a barrier between the tube and tire carcass allowing the rider to run lower tire pressures for better traction and flat protection. The Traxy system is designed for off-road use only and with more extreme technical riding in mind (not that we didn't test it elsewhere).  Traxy is made for 18" X 2.15" wheels only and the kit includes a Traxy Tire Support, tube, rim lock and 100ml of lube. The kit comes in at 1,550g (3.4lbs.).  You can find a couple of good product visuals with key features/benefits HERE.


If you can install a standard tube you are about 90% of the way there to install a Traxy. First, remove your existing rim lock and replace with the supplied Traxy unit which has a larger footprint for better clamping. Next (and ideally), install the tire support inside the tire first, then mount the tire on the rim. With the tire now mounted, lube up the supplied tube (or optional mousse), insert like any other tube and continue to mount the tire as usual. Pump up the tube to desired hardness, tighten the rim lock and you are good to go. If you do get lost, Traxy does provide an awesome Youtube instructional video that should get you over the hump. Of high importance is to make sure that both the tire and Traxy tire support are mounted between rim and rim lock!


I put in 40+ hours of riding time with the Traxy that included hard enduro, endurocross, motocross, fast/slow single track and everything else in between, rain and shine. There was a slight adjustment period as the rear tire rolls side-to-side a bit more. The faster you go, the more apparent this becomes and most noticeable on hardpack. As mentioned on Traxy's website, a fork height adjustment might be needed due to a lower rear end. 1 of the 3 tires that I tested (Shinko 525) was the only one that I had to do this with. The other 2 tires (AT81 & Starcross 5) didn't require the fork height to be adjusted. I tested multiple tube pressures from 10 to 25 PSI and found around 20 optimal for faster terrain and 15 for slower conditions.

As for performance, what I noticed first wasn't the  increased forward traction, but the braking traction. Yes, an odd observation, but I think it's important to how the system works overall. If you can't make a hillclimb or technical section, it's a bummer, but you'll survive. If you can't slow down or stop while navigating a difficult descent or sidehill, confidence is not gained. In the bush, as the pace slowed and the terrain got more difficult, the Traxy system started to really shine! Slick, difficult sections became embarrassingly easy, even with half worn tires. Half efforted attempts turned into successful cleans to the point that I started to make up games to see how little run-up I could use and still be successful. Jumping slick logs, navigating wet rock gardens; all became easier and with less concern about not making it.

Though not intended or designed for such, I did head out to the MX track for some motos. The Traxy setup works but I don't recommend it. It's just not a precise feel that one wants when hitting lines at high speeds. During my MX times, I did experience my first and only flat throughout the review.

With a quick changeover, I mounted the optional Traxy mousse insert, a 100% guarantee to not get a flat. With the PSI fixed, although the mousse did its job, I couldn't  find comfort with the mousse set-up like I did with the tube. Due to the smaller nature of the Traxy mousse, there is not a lot of cushion available, so the ride feels more harsh. I did play with clickers on the shock, but with little success. I believe with more time and testing, Traxy will develop a more compliant mousse that better compliments the Traxy Tire Support.

Pros 👍

  • Exceptional off-road performance.
  • Extended tire life.
  • Easy to install.
  • Affordably priced.

Cons 👎

  • More development needed when paired w/ optional mousse.

Final Words

There are some great products on the market when it comes to increased traction, minimizing flats and I've ridden with many of them. Traxy took some of the best qualities of all these products, combined them into a complete package and offers it to riders at an affordable price. When it comes to practice, training and all around riding, Traxy has become not just mine, but my wife's go-to set-up. Being able to adjust tire pressure for various terrain/conditions and added flat protection; it's a win-win for both of us. I highly recommend this product to anyone and believe that Traxy did a great job here.

If you have any further questions, pm me or tag me @Hans Schmid and I'll do my best to answer.

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