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Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer Reviews

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The Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer is a manual tire changing machine that is designed by Estonian engineer Tonu Kallast. The company was created with the mantra of taking on the challenge of changing tires, and turning it into a quick and easy job. Taking on every riders bane is a bold move, so how does the Rabaconda perform against this goal?


When I first received the Rabaconda I was honestly pretty giddy. After watching several videos of seasoned ISDE riders changing tires in 3 minutes flat, I was eager to ditch the ways of sore knees and garage door dents from spontaneous rapid-fire tire iron impacts. The build quality of the Rabaconda is impressive and it should be at this price point. From the beautiful powder coated finish to the engraving for the tire size clamps, attention to detail was in every nook and cranny. It's a fairly large product, so I was impressed. The included tire irons are long and well made, but don't offer any coating or plastic protection, so care is still in order to avoid damaging your fancy anodized rims. After a short but sweet assembly with simple hand tools, guided by both the included instructions and video on Rabaconda's website, I was ready to get to work!

As I removed the wheel from my bike, my mind was racing. Will this machine live up to the hype or is it just a gimmick? Will I finally not dread changing tires? After watching Thad Duvall absolutely rip through a tire change on YouTube, I came in full of piss and vinegar with my five new tire irons in hand... and I failed miserably!  Perhaps I expected a miracle. After watching those pros speed through tire changes, I was expecting to be able to do the same immediately. The reality is, it takes a little practice in order to use the Rabaconda properly.

Tanner Huotari - 2A348B90-D696-4638-A0D6-569388E7783A.jpeg

After changing a few more tires of various styles and sizes with varying rates of success, I finally was able to get the hang of it. For those expecting the Rabaconda to take 100% of the effort out of tire changes immediately or to change the overall process into something totally different, you are in for a reality check. What the Rabaconda does succeed in is aiding in the process when you really need it the most. The tire changing process remains the same. You still need to break the bead, use your levers and be wary of pinching the tube. However, when used correctly, the Rabaconda aids and assists in all of the aspects of tire changing. The bead breaking arm, the long and properly formed tire irons, as well as their built-in holders and the tire being elevated all help significantly. The sum total of these small and seemingly insignificant features combine to make for a much easier, faster and less frustrating tire changing experience.

After changing several tires, I was able to cut my overall tire changing time in half, which ends up being anywhere from 5-10 minutes. I may not be down to the 3 minute mousse time as shown in their promo videos (yet), but half the time and with a lot less effort is a gift from the Estonian gods. Another bonus feature of the Rabaconda is the ease in which it breaks down for transport and storage. No tools are required and it only takes a few seconds to fold up.  This is a great for those of us who take full weekend trips to the track or riding area and like to be prepared for whatever comes our way.

Tanner Huotari - F3157910-A0F7-45AB-9D91-DD5E78FF9F06.jpeg

The machine is pricey, but how much is your time, energy, frustration and bad knees worth when changing tires the old fashioned way? If my entire family rode, I can only imagine the pain it would be to maintain a small fleet of bikes. Just the few bikes I do own are enough to drive me a little crazy! If you can swing the initial investment and chaining tires is something you need to do regularly, the Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer is a great asset for any garage or shop. Just be sure to keep the beer fridge stocked for all your riding buddies who will be coming over to use your Rabaconda.

Tanner Huotari - 90222656-2355-4BDB-B26F-D69E3108AD62.jpeg


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I got one a couple years ago from the manufacturer to test.  It makes life easier changing tires all around, especially for mousses.  Only 2 complaints.  The teeth on the bead breaker are SHARP, lol, so watch out for them.  And you have to purchase the axle spindle sizes separately, it only comes with one size that fits most of the 250-450 MX bikes.  Other bikes need either the smaller spindle or the larger one.  It wasn't specified in the review here if they have changed that, so I would check that out before ordering.  The biggest advantage when changing tires with a tube over using something like a bucket or trash can is the adjustment for rim sizes of the rim supports.  It makes the stand so much more stable.  And their tire irons are fantastic, a worthwhile extra expense.

I did do a video a couple years ago showing that it was possible to easily change a tire even if you had an old stiff tire and no lube.  Some folks that watched the video told me that I was an idiot and I should use lube.  LOL, I guess they missed the point.

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I borrowed one of these off a friend last week to change a rear tyre.  I've been changing mousses for years with just levers so TBH, I can change a mousse quicker without it but it does remove some of effort, especially if it's a brand new mousse.  I don't see the point if you're fitting tubes, quicker and easier without it.

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it works as advertized.kinda wish it was taller to save on the lower back but that is my only complaint

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