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StepRamp Motorcycle Loading Ramp Reviews

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I was in the market for a better ramp than what I have been using for the last number of years. There are various offerings and methods that I have seen to load a bike in the back of a truck and until now nothing else really jumped out at me as a great design. I have a 2004 GMC Sierra, stock height and the tail gate is significantly lower than newer trucks. My tail gate measures in at 35" off the ground. I have been using a 7ft curved ramp for a long time, and I bring a bike stand with me for the "step up". I've come very close to having the stand spit out from underneath me a number of times. I have also seen people use wide atv style ramps to walk the bike up with and was not impressed with that either as they take up a good amount of space in the bed. Some digging around on the web I came across www.stepramp.com and started looking at the two ramps they offer. Being that my tailgate height is 35", the 5 step ramp "SR-5B" was the ramp I decided on. 

Order was placed on 12/24, and the ramp shipped after the Holiday and weekend. Arrived in two days via UPS from Idaho to Colorado. It was well packaged, and the only assembly needed was to install the handle and locking mechanism with the supplied hardware and allen key. See below for pics and video loading one of our bikes in the truck. I am very pleased with the quality and design. Ramp appears to be built very strong, and is not overly bulky when folded closed. the 5 step ramp weighs 32#. 



Pros: 😁

  • One piece design with knurled steps to walk up that are spaced well and feel very strong
  • Strap to secure ramp to the truck for those of us that load bikes using the power of the bike versus pushing up a non-running bike
  • Durable locking mechanism with carrying handle
  • Closed dimensions are 5"x16.5"x72" for the 5 step ramp. Nice compact package when in transit

Cons: 😐

  • Price- not really sure this is a con, it seemed a little steep at first but now that I have the ramp it's built quite well but this is more money than some may be willing to dish out for a ramp
  • It will need to be locked up or put in the cab, so it does not get stolen. 


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Was using the classic narrow folding short MSR ramp teamed up with my milk crate.  Wasn't great, but it worked for years.  Picked up a 17 F350 to better haul my wife's horse trailer and after 1 episode of stepping off that high tailgate onto my milk crate I was amazed I didn't go right through it and snap my tib/fib.  Not wanting that kind of adrenaline rush again while unloading a dirt bike, I picked up the 7 foot step ramp.  "WORTH EVERY PENNY!".  It's like walking up the stairs to the Lido Deck for Mai Tai's at sunset! Superior design, superior quality materials. Lightweight. Fits straight down the side of the truck and allows tailgate to close. I presume anything in my truck won't be in it when I get back from riding,  so gear bag, bike ties, and fuel go in back seat.

I picked up two of these MasterLock truck bed locks https://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-8287DAT-Truck-U-Lock/dp/B001R4JHRA?pd_rd_w=Hy6PW&pf_rd_p=a92e0124-cfa8-4f1e-82b5-a4a348d97008&pf_rd_r=JR8V5H5N7JF2ENK0NP4R&pd_rd_r=988d519f-19b8-452e-91ce-f852b4d1a816&pd_rd_wg=OVrT5&pd_rd_i=B001R4JHRA&psc=1&ref_=pd_bap_d_rp_1_t

and I run a Kryptonite 1515 chain through the ramp when It's set for loading.  https://www.amazon.com/Kryptonite-Legend-1515-Motorcycle-Security/dp/B07W44Y5H9/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3GZBNIG0ZC010&dchild=1&keywords=kryptonite+fuggedaboutit+chain&qid=1609803141&sprefix=kryptonite+fu%2Caps%2C215&sr=8-6 

When the bike is loaded I run that chain through the bike and into one of the goose neck hitch loops for security. 

Not cheap, but if it'll slow a thief down, he's gonna pick another truck/bike/ramp to rip off, not mine.

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