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Gaerne Fastback Enduro Boot Reviews

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Bryan II

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For the last several months I've been riding the Florida woods in Italian made Gaerne Fastback Enduro boots. The Fastback Enduro is priced about a hundred or so dollars less than their flagship SG12 Enduro boot at $369.99 and is targeted to off-road centric riders who want a quality boot that will happily pull some dual sport duty. 

Italian boot porn - 2021 Gaerne Fastback Enduro

Sizing & Fit
I'd say that the Fastback Enduro runs true-to-size. Thankfully I have very average feet (shape and size), so no fitment issues. The boot opening can be expanded to accommodate larger calf sizes by unscrewing the two upper buckles and moving them aft within a series of horizontal holes. At max opening, you'd be able to comfortably accommodate an 18" calf, but anything more than 18.5" would be a tight squeeze. I don't have large calves, but I do wear knee/shin guards that ride inside the boot and accommodating them was no problem. A small, but appreciated detail is the nylon webbing loop sew in at the top/back of the calf; it does make pulling your boots on easier.

Knee braces or large calves, Gaerne Fastback Enduro Boots can accommodate

All boots break in to some degree, but I found the Fastback Enduro to be pretty much ready-to-ride out of the box. No learning curve for shifting or braking, just go ride. In terms of comfort, if I forget about gear while riding it's comfortable and that's the case with the Fastback Enduro. Gaerne intended this boot to see dual sport use and I found it to be flexible enough to allow for fairly natural walking without sacrificing too much support and protection on the trail. 

While the Fastback Enduro isn't the absolute most protective boot that I've worn, considering its intended purpose, I think Gaerne did a good job covering its bases. The traditional steel sole toe cap and harden toe box do a good job of protecting your toes and the ankle is well supported by what Gaerne calls its "Wrap Around Ankle Pivot System". It's a simple system, but I think its effective. I also appreciate the protective TPU ridges & pad at the back of the foot/ankle, up the back of the calf and front of the shin that protect from foot peg & trail trash impacts.

support (1).jpg
Gaerne Wrap Around Ankle Pivot System

In terms of the soles, I found them to offer plenty of grip (wet or dry)  but I'll give some credit to the IMS Core Enduro foot pegs that are on the sharper side of the spectrum. When repositioning my feet on the foot pegs, I didn't experience any catching or hooking on the outer sole lugs. Despite more aggressive foot pegs, the soles are holding up well, with no signs of accelerated wear or tearing. The high-wear sections of the sole are not replaceable, so if you wear out the sole before the upper, time for new boots. But, I suspect you'll have earned that, having put down a lot of hard miles. The sole offers plenty of arch support without being too stiff, so no complaints there.

Asymmetric soles give you good traction and freedom of movement on and off the bike

All of the buckles have functioned properly and they've stayed closed on the trail. The lowest buckle has TPU ramps strategically located in front to deflect away trail debris, keeping the buckle from getting pulled open or ripped off.

Is the boot waterproof? Winter in Florida is a our dry season, so testing has been limited to puddles from the occasional rain storm and spraying them off with with a garden hose. My feet have never gotten wet on the trail and I've never felt any water inside with my hand after a hosing. I feel comfortable saying that they are highly water resistant.

Lastly, each boot weighs in at 4.2lbs. As a point of reference, my top tier full moto boot came in at 4.7lbs. While I can feel the difference picking them up (one in each hand), in the heat of battle, I can't say I noticed. I included this info because I always get asked.

Closing Thoughts
Is there anything that I don't like about Gaerne Fastack Enduro boots? I mean, outside of having to dig into your wallet for the price of admission, no. They've done everything that I've asked without getting in the way, they're comfortable and they've protected my feet, ankles and shins from the common impacts we all experience in a day of riding that go unnoticed because of our protective gear is doing its job. If you're a more serious trail rider that sprinkles in some dual sport sections or destinations into the mix and you don't mind spending a bit more on Italian made boots, I'd definitely put the Gaerne Fastback Enduro boot on your shortlist of consideration.  

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