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FMF Racing POWERBOMB Sand / Desert Goggle Reviews

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Bryan II

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Recently FMF jumped into the goggle game with its Vision line of goggles in partnership with 100%. They sent us an assortment to checkout, so we gave away a few to fellow TT'ers and kept some for ourselves to try. Being located in central Florida, I ride on fine sugar sand that finds its way into everything. Because of this, I settled in on the Powerbomb Sand/Desert model that uses special closed-cell foam that keeps out fine dust and sand particles. 

FMF Racing PowerBomb Sand/Desert Goggle

Fitment & Comfort
I wear a 6D ATR-2 helmet and the goggle paired well with no compatibility issues, including the full-sized nose guard when putting them on or taking them off.  The strap came adjusted about right, so they were ready for use. However, adjustments are relatively quick and easy with simple friction buckles. The inside of the strap uses a single, wider band of silicone for grip and it had no trouble keeping it properly situated on my helmet. The felt material that creates the seal against your face is ultra soft and creates a tight seal without any uncomfortable pressure points. When riding I forgot about them, so definitely comfortable.

Felt rim is nice to your face with a tight seal

Winter/Spring in central Florida is our dry season and sugar sand dusty is ultra fine. The closed-cell phone does an amazing job keeping it outside the goggle, but I wouldn't recommend this goggle for high humidity conditions. On one particular ride, we started out the day with warmer temps and low hanging fog. In these conditions, the top third of the goggle fogged up and didn't clear at speed. However, as the day warmed and the fog cleared, so did the goggle. For lower humidity, dry & dusty conditions, this goggle is solid.

Closed-cell foam keeps even the finest dust out, but struggles w/ venting in high humidity conditions

My favorite feature of this goggle is the full-sized, removeable nose guard. It covers the entire length of my somewhat larger German schnoz, something that has taken more than a few hits when riding among the live Oak stands.  In terms of field-of-view, I never found myself feeling like I wasn't able to see what I need to see, so I'd say it's just right.

The goggle ships with a smoke anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens, but clear is also included. Both lenses are pinned for tear-offs and the strap has a replaceable tear-off pin/clip. Lens swaps are quick & easy with a traditional snap in lens groove. FMF sells a variety of lenses for different conditions, tear-off packs, roll off system and replacements parts.

I think that FMF did a great job with its PowerBomb Sand/Desert goggle. Unfortunately for me, we have higher humidity levels about half the year, so while it won't be my full time goggle, I'll certainly keep it in my gear bag for those dry & dusty days when the humidity is wonderfully low.

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