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Infinit Nutrition Energy Fuel Reviews

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What is it?
The Infinit Performance Energy Fuel and Energy Fuel Recovery is a Coach Robb formulation designed to help keep you hydrated and energized during workouts and rides.

Why would I use it?
I race 2+ hour XC and GNCC type races, as well as regular 2+ hour bicycle rides. Since you can’t stop to properly refuel your body like you can the bike, your options are limited to get the nutrients you need to ride at race pace. During hard efforts, the body can burn about 500 calories per hour. With the Energy Fuel supplement, you can replace physiological maximum 300 of those much needed calories. Since you’re likely carrying water anyways, what better way of getting those nutrients than in your water?

2021-04-07 14_26_30-unnamed.jpg.176cdce23d3ad4fac68822b9fce49bc2.jpg (1200×900).png

What’s the details?
The Energy Fuel and Recovery comes in powder form in a resealable package and is easily mixed with water. The Energy Fuel does foam a bit and requires some shaking to mix, so I like to fill my water pack about half way with water so that it has room to expand and come back to normal for the full fill.

For the Energy Fuel I went with the watermelon flavor. I’ve tried some other supplements with fruit flavors, most of which were hard to choke down the flavor. Not the case with the Energy Fuel. It’s delicious without being overbearingly sugary like others I’ve tried. Where others would leave me with cotton-mouth, the Energy Fuel leaves no residue or aftertaste in my mouth.

Does it work?
Oh yeah. The Energy Fuel is awesome! For me, it’s easy to get caught up in racing and sometimes forget to take regular drinks to keep hydrated. When I’m huffing and puffing, a few sips of Energy Fuel provides almost instant relief and I can actually feel the boost of energy. I’ve found that 3 or 4 sips will give me about 10 minutes of full out energy to keep pushing. Nearing the end of the race, for me, this stuff is a life saver. There were multiple times that I was able to push harder than normal to make last lap passes, where regular water didn’t provide that boost.

When I’m out during the week grinding on the bicycle, I can only carry so much nutrition in my saddle pack. The ability to put those nutrients in my water makes sustained efforts that much more productive and frankly, enjoyable. Nobody likes the grind of hard endurance exercises, but Energy Fuel provides needed relief to keep going.

Will I get a sugar crash?
No! Unlike sports drinks, Energy Fuel isn’t packed full of artificial sugars.

How about the Energy Fuel Recovery?
One thing I’ve struggled with in the past is getting the proper post-ride nutrients without feeling sick with a fast food double grease patty and a large salt with light fries. When I get back to the truck, I’m going to be drinking water anyways, so it’s super easy to have the Energy Fuel Recovery mixed and ready to go. I went with the strawberries and cream flavor. Full disclosure, the flavor isn’t great. I mix it with my sports drink of choice and much more bearable. But does it work? I can’t say with definitive assurance and hard data, but I can say that I feel better the next day if I’ve used it. I’ve noticed I’m much less sore on Monday morning and more inclined to be active the next day.

What don’t I like about Energy Fuel and Recovery?
Personally speaking, I don’t care for the strawberries and cream flavor of the Recovery supplement. But that can easily be masked by mixing with something like my favorite Body Armor brand sports drink. Also, and this may be subjective, since the serving sizes are quite large, a 25-serving bag doesn’t last very long for me. This isn’t a fault of the product, I just ride and exercise a lot. The price is fair, considering the level of performance I get from it.

Bottom line
This stuff works. I’m not an expert in nutrition and physical science, but Coach Robb is. All one needs to do is listen to a few of his podcasts to realize that he knows what he’s talking about. The custom blend that he’s come up with hit it out of the park. I can say with certainty that his Energy Fuel will be with me for every race I’ll be doing from now on.


You can find the Coach Robb Energy products at https://www.coachrobbstore.com/

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