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Leatt Moto 5.5 Jersey & Pant Reviews

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The 5.5 jersey is a great, true to size fit jersey. It’s a mesh-type design that is super stretchy and extremely comfortable. The material is soft against the skin, wet and dry. This is my go-to gear line for those super hot days because of the breathability and lightness of the jersey. Especially in the woods, where often there’s less airflow, the jersey stands out in its ability to keep me cool. Despite being very light and thin, the durability is still impressive. It held up against multiple lay overs and tree scrapes. Unfortunately, I did find the jersey very hard to clean after muddy races. I had to use the power washer and some degreaser to keep the white sections clean. That was my only gripe about the jersey. On the lower back portion of the jersey there is a small silicone section that does a good job of keeping the jersey tucked into the pants. I don't recall a time where the jersey came out. 


I’m a big fan of the new athletic fit style that is popular in today’s gear lineup. The Leatt IKS pants are by far the best moto pants I’ve ever tried. Like the jersey, it’s lightweight and stretchy without being fragile. There’s no obvious vents, but the pants do allow airflow and sheds heat well. Especially with a splash of water, the pants are comfortable on hot days. The fit is true to size, but since it is athletic fit, I do have to pull a little harder to get them on over my knee braces and waist. Once on, they’re extremely comfortable and don’t mind at all to wear them for multiple hours. They stretch where needed and since the knee area is pre-curved, the back of the knee area doesn’t bunch up and get uncomfortable. The pants have the typical ratchet type buckle, and also Velcro straps on the sides for fine tuning. A plastic zipper with a metal slider. I use Asterisk knee braces, which aren’t super bulky, but the pants have enough stretch to conform to them well. The pants have an I.K.S. (internal knee brace system) that has extra “pockets” on the insides that the knee brace sort of sits in, helping to keep the knee braces from sliding down. They definitely work, I rarely have to adjust my braces throughout the day. It does make the pants a little harder to remove, though. Being a tight fit anyways, they won’t just slide off. I have to get in there and help move those IKS pockets out of the way. In the knee area, there's a large black leather section that's very durable. It doesn't add any additional grip, but they also don't mark up your graphics either. I never experienced any burns from the bike header, but I fortunately never got to test that!


The 4.5 gloves are also an athletic fit. They stretch a lot, accommodating many hand sizes. It's even stretchy in the finger area. The palm is made of a synthetic suede which is soft and pliable. They also offer a lot of protection on the knuckles and back of hand by using a thick silicone web design. For me, they were a tight fit. They're also pretty thin on the palm side, which allows you to really feel the levers and grips. I have soft and fragile white collar hands, and prefer thicker gloves because of it. After about an hour my hands are pretty well ready to quit. I also noticed that the palm area bunched a little in my callous area, and was very distracting. They are also kind of hit and miss on touch screen compatibility if you regularly use a phone with gloves on. This shouldn't deter you from trying the gloves. I'm very particular and picky on what I wear. I do wear these often on my MTB rides since I don't move my hands around so much. The gloves feel great and are clearly well built, but I wish they worked better with my hands. 

Bottom line
The Leatt 5.5 gear line is by far the best gear I’ve ever used. For the past two seasons, the 5.5 lineup has held up great. My 2020 gear made it through around 60 hours of race-pace wear and tear. With no major changes to the 2021 offering, they ought to do just as well. One last thing to note, the "Ice" colorway that I tested hear looks amazing, but is extremely hard to keep clean. Clean ASAP, with a power washer even. Soaking it in Shout brand cleaner helped a lot.





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