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Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots Reviews

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· Edited by tengar


I spent much of my youth engaged in one of two pursuits: dirt biking in the warmer months and skiing in the winter.  Consequently, my feet were subjected to hours upon hours of discomfort—some may say torture—in the form of moto and ski boots.  To be fair, moto boots don’t quite measure up to the pure hell one’s feet experience after an 8-hour day of ski-boot pain.  But, I had always felt the relief and joy of removing my boots at the end of a hard-won day in either sport was something akin to a hot, soothing shower. 

Then, in my mid-twenties, I let life get in the way of my two pursuits and pretty much hung up the boots, literally and metaphorically.  Other than the occasional outing, I didn’t swing my leg over a dirt bike for nearly 15 years. 

Last year, I got back into riding.  My son, the only of my four kids to pick up on my hints, convinced my wife he needed a dirt bike.  After outfitting him, I got myself a new bike (still had the 426) and helmet and dusted off the old boots.  Everything seemed fine until I attempted to tighten down the bootstraps—all but two crackled and snapped.  Although replacement straps were available online, I figured I’d go to the local shop and check strap options.  It wasn’t until later I recognized it was divine inspiration leading me to the shop, not my need for an immediate strap fix.

At the shop, while killing time as the sales guy checked on available straps, I perused the wall-o-boots.  My attention was quickly drawn to the Alpinestars Tech 7 and Tech 10—what the hell happened to the steel toe caps?  How is the sole nearly seamlessly connected to the lower boot section?  Can these newfangled creations actually protect my feet looking so sleek and un-tank like?   I had my concerns and the only way to resolve them was closer inspection.  When the sales guy returned, I insisted on trying on a few boots, only for posterity’s sake, of course. 

After putting my feet into the Tech 7s, my first thought was something must be wrong.  They felt…well…good.  How could this be?  I questioned the sales guy, “certainly Alpinestars has shirked its safety duties in favor of comfort?”  “Actually sir, these boots are safe and solidly constructed.”  He then rattled off a bunch of features, as if he were paid to know these things.  “These boots are impact resistant with their one-piece, dual-compound foot shell with injected toe protector and steel shank.  The upper is reinforced with impact resistant panels and there’s a calf protector plate made of a high-grade polymer.  Other safety features help to prevent joint injuries, like hyperextension.” 

I tried on several other boots and compared prices and features.  In the end, I chose the Tech 7s for their list of safety and comfort features, but, really, because they felt so good.  The Tech 10s felt good, too, but I wasn’t sure about the inner bootie and any performance differences between them and the Tech 7s were negated by the time I’d spend in the dog house for buying $600 boots after 15 years out of the saddle.

Since purchasing the boots, I’ve put somewhere north of 40 hours on them.  I have to say, they’ve only become more comfortable.  I cannot speak too much to the safety features, other than to say they have done exactly what they’re designed to do—protect my feet.  While the construction is solid, I am a bit disappointed in the wear on the inside of my right boot.  There is considerable degrading at the junction of the second strap and the shell.  I’ll be keeping an eye on that!  Also, the inner sole is pretty beat up.  I imagine I’ll be replacing that soon, but that’s to be expected and actually a welcome repair because it means I’ve been riding. 

Overall, I am very happy with these boots.  They are lightweight and low profile, so much so that I don’t feel the need to remove them between riding sessions, like I had always done in the past.  They flex well on the bike and fit well under my shift lever.  They seem durable, although I will most certainly have to closely monitor the wear to the inner right boot.  At the end of the day, I would buy these again with very little hesitation.

Before returning to dirt biking, a small part of me dreaded the beating my feet were going to take.  I can say that dread was unfounded.  The Aplinestar Tech 7s have allowed me to enjoy dirt biking that much more.  Perhaps we can convince them to enter the ski-boot market, eh?

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2016 Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots,


From the above review it seems the Tech 7 has made some key improvements. First I would like to give a bit of history on my previous boots. I've owned Alpinestars boots years ago and loved them. Long story short they got lost in the move to never been found again. I was visiting my dad and needed another pair quick so I picked up a cheap AXO pair. For the price I paid I couldn't go wrong. Since then, I've gone from casual riding trails to, for my ability, more advance. My Axos just weren't cutting it. The Tech 7s are incredible. The buckle system has changed from the older models and I love it. They are so easy to latch and unlatch, and the comfort is incredible. I feel like i'm wearing my running shoes. I couldn't believe I wore those AXOs for so long now that I own a pair of Tech 7s haha. Price wasn't a huge factor because now that I'm riding more frequently and in tougher single track trails, I wanted something comfortable and offered good protection. I tried the more expensive boots like the FOX Instinct as well at the Tech 10s and the Tech 7s were far more comfortable in my opinion. (feet width obviously is a factor to take in as the Fox and Tech 10s seems narrow. As for size, I was very much in debate between size 9 and 10. Almost wish a 9.5 was made at the time of decision making and I'll explain why. The 10 seemed to be on the brink of being a bit too big and I was worried about if they were to break in even the slightest, they would be too big. Now I prefer a smaller feeling boot so I am able to feel the gear shift and brake pedals. Now with the size 9 my toe was just touching the end. Everything else about the boot felt fantastic. When I would walk around I could feel my toe touching as with my older boots they did as well. This didn't bother me because when I was riding it was fine. I took a chance and bought the size 9 and after about 8 hours of riding break in time, they feel perfect. I haven't really had a chance to test them for water resistant so I cant comment on that. Very nice protection without sacrificing flexibility. My big issue with other boots I tried on was how stiff they felt and to me, makes it harder to shift and brake. These boots have very nice ankle support as well as providing good movement. The soles are replaceable by Alpinestars if worn. These boots come in Enduro or Track sole pattern. I purchased the Track sole as they come in more colors and slightly cheaper as well as later when I get them resoled, I can get the enduro pattern put on to allow for a bit more traction. 

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I had these boots for about 4 years. Never liked them, but kept them since they cost so much money, and weren't broken nor caused me severe pain. BUT, the buckles are horrible, you need a mallet or some other beating device to latch them, then a pair of pliers to fully unlatch them. Not exaggerating, there were many times when I did not have pliers that I truly feared I would not be able to get my boots off. They had numerous bad rub spots that were simply due to poor design, that made an all day ride unnecessarily painful, and about a million times worse if you walk more than 100 feet total for the day. All this being said, they did protect my feet and lower legs well. I never felt like they were insufficient in that regard, and I tested thoroughly. I would avoid them at all costs, unless someone is giving them to you.  

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