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Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots Reviews

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I got these recently to replace My old Fox Comp 5's. I was looking for something else, but they were a good price so I gave 'em a try. Here's what I wrote after the first ride;

"Ok, first day over. Initially they were very stiff, but this seemed to fade during the day, though it could have just been Me getting used to it. Same with feel, I did a warmup lap and bombed into the first corner and promptly stalled the 500 because I couldn't feel the brake pedal. Not sure what changed, but by the 3rd or so session this wasn't a problem anymore. No problems shifting. Even standing around in the pits seemed to get better as the day went on, but I still wouldn't want to walk 5 miles in them. 🤣 The other thing I noticed through the day was I wasn't getting My feet caught up in ruts and stuff as much as normal, and it was great not getting the buckles/straps snagged on stuff.

The only real negatives is that they get jammed under the peg when kicking the 500, which the comp 5s didn't, and the combo with the new knee guards digs into My shin a little. Not much, and you don't notice it riding, just in the pits.

Overall I'm pretty happy, definitely feel much better protected than the comps.

Note: I didn't crash for a change so can't comment on their crash worthiness yet. "

I've done another ride in them since, still haven't crashed (some sort of record for Me) and they have settled in well, no issues with feel anymore. No issues with comfort either, but I still wouldn't want to walk too far. Even the knee guard doesn't dig in now.

Basically I'm happy with them pending giving them a 'proper' test

They get a thumbsup.gif.5525cd3a14c0b83b7f87fe29241acd90.gif from Me.

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