EVS Burly Elbow Guard

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Rode these for the first time last weekend. Gave me a lot more confidence on the trails. I did not fall once since I already have so many scars from not wearing pads. Anyway I wear these on bare arms and the seems to slip a tiny bit, not sure if I should wear them over underarmor or what. Super comfy though and I just like knowing there is something there to keep me protected. I will probably wear these snowboarding too.

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Jeff aka Bolt

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As with most EVS stuff... they like to use soft flexible rubbery shields on pads like this and their body armour. It makes it easier to get a comfy fit. But replacing their products no matter how cheap after one good tumble bothers me. I prefer the hard shell of the Leatt products like the Dual Axis Knee Guards. I even use the Leatt small knee guards as elbow guards. Never have I had better protection. But back to the EVS. It can save you... but as the OP says... down ONCE on hard pack and it's a new purchase. I go down too often and ride too many rocks for this to be a good value for me.

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I've been riding with a pressure suit/ballistic jacket for the last few years and it's starting to get pretty worn out. I wanted to update my gear and I prefer to review things that I would actually want to buy. Since I already have an EVS R4 Neck Brace that has worked out well, I thought that I'd give their Revo 5 Roost Guard and Burly Elbow Pads a try.

We all know what a roost guard is supposed to do, so what's special about the EVS Revo 5 unit? It's designed to be worn under the jersey and has a super flexible, 3-peice protective back plate.  It's designed to work with most neck braces, has removable shoulder protection, and the hard portion of the back plate can be removed as well.  While many old-school roost guards are just a hard plastic, the Revo 5 incorporates shock absorbing bio-foam under its molded polycarbonate shell. It's very lightweight (about a pound) and appears to be very well made. It comes in 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL) as well as your choice of black or white. At 6'1" and 215lbs., I tested out an L/XL in black. Best of all, it's a budget friendly $79.00 USD.

Elbow pads come in a wide variety of styles, feature sets, and prices with the EVS Burly Elbow Pads falling squarely at the simple and affordable ($29.00 USD) end of the spectrum. They use a strapless, compression sleeve design that is suppose to reduce arm pump and pad migration vs. strapped designs. They're capped off with a hard plastic armor over molded foam liners in the spots where you're most likely to take an impact during typical get-offs. They appear to be well made and come in three sizes (S/M/L). I went with the large.

Both pieces of gear are super easy to put on, adjust, and remove. On the Revo 5 Roost Guard, at each flank, there is a buckle & friction strap adjuster to accommodate riders of different girths. There are also four levels of slots at the shoulder straps to adjust where it all sits on your chest. The shoulder pads are removable and this is a good idea if you decide to wear the Revo 5 over your jersey. Otherwise, they will flop around because there are no bicep straps to hold them in place. Remember, it's primarily designed to be worn under jersey. While the front/center portion of the Revo 5 uses hard armor, the more flexible rib protection material extends approximately another 4" and conforms nicely to your flanks when it's all buckled down. In terms of the Burly Elbow Guards, outside of being marked Left and Right, putting them on is self explanatory.

To test out the gear, I planned on crashing hard. You know, in the name of science! Ok, not so much, but I did ride a wide range of wooded terrain and weather conditions, as well as performing some needed trail maintenance. It's winter here in the Pacific Northwest and we have gotten some snow recently, something that can be difficult to ride in.  On several occasions my front tire left the rut that I was riding in and my bike suddenly became stationary. I can assure you, the Revo 5 Roost Guard works! My handlebars tried their best to bruise my chest, but I received no damage. While the Revo's primary job is to protect the rider, it also happens to be very comfortable while doing so. Unless I was really paying attention, I didn't even notice it. That's exactly what you want out of any piece of protective gear. In terms of heat, I was a bit sweatier than normal under the back plate, but hardly enough to cause any discomfort. I'm a man after-all. I wore the Revo 5 over a t-shirt, under a jersey and riding jacket with my EVS neckbrace.

The EVS Burly Elbow Pads saved my arms from bruises as well. When you think of snow riding, you might assume that the tip-overs and slow speed crashes are going to be soft. Not when it has melted and refrozen a bunch of times! Might as well be rocks! The only issue that I came across with the Burly Elbow Pads is when I'd wear a heavy riding jacket, they'd migrate down a bit towards my wrists and I'd have to pull them back up. However, if I only had a jersey on, they did a much better job of staying in place? I also tested wearing them over a long sleeved thermal shirt and that worked pretty well too. All-in-all, they're pretty comfortable, provide good protection for typical falls, and didn't give me arm pump.

Revo 5 Roost Guard

Pros :thumbsup:

  • Comfortable.
  • Good protection.
  • Well made.
  • Budget friendly.

Cons :thumbsdn:

  • none.

Burly Elbow Pads

Pros :thumbsup:

  • Comfortable.
  • Decent protection.
  • Downright inexpensive.

Cons :thumbsdn:

  • Pads migrate down under heavier riding jackets.

Russhole's Bottom-Line :prof:

The EVS Revo 5 Roost Guard and Burly Elbow pads are simple, well built, comfortable, and effective protective gear that won't break the bank. If price has been anyone's excuse for not dressing for the crash, EVS has some good options here.

More @ http://evs-sports.com

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Bryan Bosch

  • 5

Who doesn't like products that are elegantly simple, easy-to-use, and effective at the job they were designed for? This pretty much sums up my experience using the EVS Sports Burly Elbow Pads. In a nutshell, they are a Lycra compression sleeve with hard shell pads sewn in at the elbow and forearm.


Q: Do they stay in place?
A: Yup, regardless of the conditions.

Q: Are they comfy?
A: I've worn them dual sporting, where I had them on all day and I pretty much forgot that I was wearing them. Not sure it gets better than that.

Q: Does the Lycra compression sleeve give you arm pump?
A: Not for me. They fit tight enough to stay in place, but really don't squeeze your arms. Your mileage may vary.

Q: Are they hot?
A: On my last ride it was in the mid 80s and my arms never felt uncomfortable or sweaty. The Lycra sleeve breaths very well, so as far as protective gear goes, they run pretty cool overall.

Q: Do they protect?
A: I can verify this. This is my second pair of Burlys, but while wearing my first, I went down pretty hard just outside of Las Vegas (Apex) on concrete-like hard pack clay with embedded rocks. The protective plastic cups on both the forearm and elbow were gouged up and a chunk of plastic was taken out. No question that my forearm and elbow would have been injured at some level. Fortunately the Burly Elbow Pads did their job. With the cost of health care these days, stupid not to wear stuff like this IMHO.



Q: Anything not to like?

A: The elastic band at the bicep will lose its elasticity before the elbow pads are completely worn out. But, I got more than my money's worth from the first pair, so not a huge deal.


In summary, EVS Sports Burly Elbow Pads are comfortable, effective, and budget friendly; exactly why I continue to wear them.


More @ http://evs-sports.co...urly-elbow-pads

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