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Great for long trips

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· Edited by xmxvet


IMS Products 4.0 Gallon Tank for Honda XR650L

I recently acquired a 2013 Honda XR650L.  I love the old school thumper, but it has a very short range of about 100 miles when riding with the throttle set to "FUN".  I considered all the aftermarket gas tank options and decided that a 4 gallon tank would be the perfect size for my application.  I wanted to increase the range to at least 140 miles, yet keep the bike as lean and svelte as possible; swelte for a BRP at least!  Additionally, I wanted to get rid of the wings on the OEM tank and I prefer the look of the smaller tanks.  I  don't need a huge tank, as I can't stay on any motorcycle more than an hour or so without stopping to stretch and take a break, and a 4 gallon capacity provides a sufficient reserve. 

Installation of the IMS tank was a breeze, with no fitment issues.  I have read comments by posters online, that they had to modify the L-Brackets to make the tank fit.  I can't say for sure, but I suspect that perhaps the instructions weren't followed to the T.  The instructions state what I learned over forty years ago when working at a Honda dealership assembling new bikes.  When installing a component with multiple attachment points, simply get all of the bolts or screws started loosely.  Only after all the hardware is installed loosely do you start to tighten everything down.  This is especially true for something that is flexible and can expand and contract like a plastic gas tank.  Additionally, I applied tire mounting lube to the rubber gas tank pucks, so they would slide easily through the tank channels during installation.

The #IMS tank comes with all the hardware necessary for installation and a tank cap.   It utilizes the OEM petcock and OEM rubber grommet/cushion and recessed washer at the back of the tank.  The only thing that it does not include is vent hose for the tank cap.  It would make installation more convenient if that were included.

The tank is OEM quality, fits perfectly and allows plenty of clearance between the petcock and the engine cylinder.  Also, the gas cap seals well. 

In my normal brain fog from lack of sleep, I forgot to weigh the OEM and IMS tanks for comparison.  I do however recall a detailed listing on ThumperTalk of XR650L parts weights that indicated the stock tank with shrouds weighs about nine pounds.   I estimate the IMS tank weighs about five pounds for a savings of about four pounds.  

I am very happy with the IMS 4.0 Gallon Fuel Tank.  Great quality and a perfect fit.  I remember IMS Products hitting the market back in 1976 with their high quality pegs, tanks and shift levers.  I'm a big fan of their stuff.  I also have their IMS Pro-Series Footpegs on my bike.  I included photos of those at the very end of this review.20181006_111505.jpg.240bb8d8b71780836d6af6aaa069f792.jpg

The IMS tank does not add much width that would make it feel awkward, even with my 34 inch leg inseam.  It is still very easy to slide forward on the bike.



Plenty of clearance between engine and petcock.




The size and shape of the tank essentially acts like the OEM cooling wings.



I like the new look of the BRP....(now BWP)!


  • OEM Fit and Quality.  The tank has clean molding, without any extraneous molding marks.
  • The color is a pure white that compliments the XR650L nicely.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Appears very durable, like an OEM plastic tank on a MX bike.
  • I like the looks a lot!
  • Does not affect movement on the bike, or affect handling.  Most of the additional capacity is low on the bike.
  • Increases capacity from 2.8 to 4.0 gallons.  An approximate 143 mile total, or 43 mile increase in range for aggressive riding, & 170 mile total, or 70 mile increase in range for moderate riding.
    • Note:  I will confirm the range estimates after more time with the tank, and then update this review.


  • Tank vent hose not included.  Not a big deal or cost, but it would be more convenient if it were included.


Verdict:  A must have in my book!   👍👍👍👍👍


I also have the IMS Pro-Series Footpegs on the bike.  High quality and work great!



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3.2 gallon tank

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Feels slim for a big tank

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Makes a big difference in range.  Tank fits nice with shrouds, integrates with overall look of bike.

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