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Honda CRF150RB Expert 2008 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Honda CRF150RB Expert 2008. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Jason Enger


Fast bike, and great for the kids

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My GFs Bike

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Honda Rider JACK


My little bike

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Pros: Sounds like a 250r, Super zippy acceleration, Great suspension, powerful, can be used for everything, beginner friendly because it's easy to ride, good for transition from a supermini to a 250 or other bike, lots of mods, turns heads when you start it, and a lot of other good things.

Cons: Expensive, Expensive to fix, Expensive parts, just expensive, but if you know what your doing maintenance wise and you do your research you can save a lot of money and know exactly what to get (don't get an FMF pipe for a 150r!!) Jetting problems for 2007-2009 models, (can be fixed if you do your research, easy fix). Kind of loud for some people ( I don't mind) 2007 model has cam problems, not allowed to race in 85 class anymore, it's only allowed to race in supermini which is with 112cc two strokes, unless you have a jgr engine or are really good you won't keep up with 112s.

But overall GREAT BIKE, I have this and an 80 that's converted to an 85 and whenever I switch over to it I never want to go back to the two stroke, great play bike for adults too, not a good first bike (go for a 150f) but good for skilled intermediate or beginners with good throttle control. I love this bike and I highly recommend you get this over any 85 or 100.

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