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Honda CRF450R 2013 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Honda CRF450R 2013. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Vehicle Details



2013 Crf450r Supermoto:

DNA wheels,

  • Front : 17x3.5
  • Rear : 17x5.0

Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires,

  • Front : 120/60ZR-17
  • Rear : 150/60ZR-17


Head Light.


  • Front : 13 tooth
  • Rear : 46 tooth



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In stock form the power ends all to abruptly requiring constant shifting. Front forks are very poor as well. Bike feels very light despite what the scale says. Cornering is a delight. I think this bike has the most potential in its class. Once the suspension is fixed and the motor worked on it can be faster than a 2015 KX450f & corner better than a 2016 KX250f, at least that's what a rider of both tells me. In modified form it's a delight and you just can't get any of the others to handle this way.

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This bike was the "change up" model where they added new things that made it stand out against the 2012 version. They changed everything,new frame design, new engine, brand new to the class, the air suspension, and the more noticeable difference being the dual exhaust. Now when I first took the bike out I had the opportunity to ride my local track (after break in ride of course) where they were having the Yamaha 2013 line up testing. I didn't ride them but riding with others on the track showed where I stood in the 2013 450s. The bike overall weighed in at a even 240lbs. When we weighed the front and rear separately, both weighed 120lbs, and it was a balance you could definitely feel. The bike corners like no other bike in its class, it is very easy to go into corners and have a smooth transition in and out of corners. It was also very easy to maneuver the bike in the air. The power is a nice feature as well, it is mainly a lower to mid range power, which made sharp corners easier to go in and out of, but it tends to fall off in the top end, forcing you to shift earlier or feather the clutch. The bike over all handles fairly well, however over the course of riding it, I came to realize how bad the air forks really were. This is the only real complaint I have with the bike. The suspension is very harsh and doesn't absorb the impact of ruts and bumps very well and it ends up going to your hands and arms. I have adjusted the suspension in different ways and it still seems to want to send the shock straight to your hands. The air in the forks has to be frequently checked and adjusted. The service manual says there are different PSI settings for different terrain but with the 3 settings it gives you dont really make any difference. The rear suspension however I have been really happy with, mostly cause it has real springs and not air. Now the things I have done to the bike in terms of after market stuff is...... NOTHING! The only thing I did to my bike is painted the frame red, the swing arm and wheels black, and swapped the plastic to red and black. Over all this is a great bike to start out on for moving up to 450s, and when the rider is ready you can really make it go fast!

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Bought mine back in July, love it. First modern 4 stroke bike I've owned, I'm a life time 2-stroker guy but this crf450 is awesome. 2 words can describe it perfectly, powerful, traction! I'm starting to get the hang of the maintenance, its going well. 

Coming off an awesome RM250, this bike has been a great change, not that my old rm was bad just different. I can go fast on both. I ride gnarly east coast trails, the crf450r works great for me. I am slowly buying parts for it to make it a good off road machine.

My opinion compared to 250 2-strokes:

Better traction everywhere, little heavier feeling but not real bad, easier to ride fast over bad rocks, turns a little slower than my rm, power delivery is perfect and strong, jumps easy, lands nice. Climbs massive coal hills better than my RM250. Bring extra engine oil with you on the trail in case you crash and bike falls upside down, oil will come out breather. Only happened once.

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