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Honda XR200R 1985 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Honda XR200R 1985. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Hey All,

I have acquired a 1985 Honda XR250R. The rear tire on it says it is a 110/90 -17 IRC Volcandurove-32. It needs to be replaced and wondering if someone has any suggestions on where I can buy one this size. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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1985 XR200R 4-valve frame w/ 1981 XR200R 2-Valve(2V) conversion: I salvaged 3 blown 1985 XR200R frames around 1998. Started Conversion/Install of 81' 2V mid 2005.                                                                                                                                          = $200 Bartered for Amsoil

81' 2V motor mods in order as performed:

1) Powroll Header w/ Supertrapp: multidisc USFS spark arrester                                         = $200 81'-83'        UNOBTAINABLE NEW 2019 Powroll out of Business  

2) Hi-flow gauze filter:  modified 81' air box                                                                         = $30     81-85'       NEW?  $???.??              

3) 81' Ported cylinder head: 10-20hrs. x $40.00 hr.(Labor of LOVE for Personal engines)     = $200-$300 my labor worth (Selling myself short by about $60.00 per Hr.)

4) 28mm Mikuni round: slide w/ spigot-hose-hose clamp conversion                                  = $125 81'85'    NEW $???.?? 2019

5) Powroll Piston Kit: 11.5:1 C.R. 1st step oversize (65-66mm?) creating 198cc (?)               = $150 86'-90' While Pete Fisher was still involved in Powroll

6) Powroll Stroker Crankshaft: creating 218cc. Piston dome modified for lower compression 10.5:1, using Powroll piston pin to top of piston dome height measurements  guide. This is per Pete Fisher's recommendations, as their Engine Dyno testing proved 11:1 was best CR. Greater CR produced primarily >heat only.  including many new parts                                                                                                         = $350 83'-90' While Pete Fisher was still involved in Powroll 

7) 81' Cyl. Head: Pre-Ported myself, Re-Ported & flowed by Powroll. I sent my ported cylinder head to see "How Good" or "How Bad" I did w/o using Flo-Bench testing. =                                                                                                                                   = $150 86'-90'    While Pete Fisher was still involved in Powroll 

8: Megacycle NS Camshaft: "Torque" grind needle bearing camshaft                                    = $150 used in 87'       = $500.00 New 2019

9) 28mm Mikuni FLAT Slide: w/ short spigot plug in type (2-Smoke) manifold used primarily on 1st gen. frame. This created a very, very short Intake runner. =                                                                                                                                                     = $60.00 used 87'       = $???.?? New 2019  

10) 28mm Mikuni ROUND Slide w/ Welded/modified flange: due to 85' frame geometry, also used on 1st Gen frames originally. This uses OEM LONG Intake runner.                                                                                                                                = $50.00 used/damage in 83'   =  $???.?? New if available at all                                                                                                                                                     1982'-1990' Rough Guestimate Cost Engine related PARTS ONLY = $1500.00                         


 Current 28mm Mikuni round slide20190611_171444.thumb.jpg.efe57006d53a31bc0fad86a1eb24d241.jpg20190611_171309.thumb.jpg.2adf6976a113f34f783ab548a1e77df9.jpg

Value invested in this bike has not been determined yet. I have posted $$ in what I remember in approximate amounts and time periods.

I have most receipts and part #'s of what was used. So, eventually I hope to post them and the actual costs for giggle factor.  

I have rated this bike like most XR200s and XR200Rs I have ridden and owned up to my Paddock years only, excluding 4-Valve motor, which I have never even heard run (Good Luck on that one) much less ridden.

RATING = 5 Great Big Stars = Most smiles per mile, in this case hours ridden!!

Thanks for reading/looking if you made it this far in my snore-fest XR/XL-125-185-200S/R 2v experiences.

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Love my XR. Very proud of the work I did to get it running. Hand made exhaust shield, and drilled cam holes larger for better head oil flow.

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Great bike that's fun to ride in the trails.

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Small and nimble, perhaps a bit under powered for a big man like me but I really like this bike.

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