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KTM 200 MXC 2000 Reviews

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Otto Kirk


I'll say that a key factor is personalizing the bike set-up will yield a very fun bike . By this I mean there are tweaks needed in all aspects. I spent a number of yrs on this bike and mods are required whether you're slow or fast.  The fork valving is a death wish and turning will not keep an inside line. No std approach will dial the turning. The engine doesn't respond well whilst under a load at slow speed, unless you select too low a gear. The crank is heavy, but will work best with increased torque. Below is a baseline of std practices that address issues.

  1.  Tune the powerband for added torque by using the Sudco single tapper DDK needle
  2.  Adjust the powervalve to the "Langston setting" for the most linear PB
  3. Jetting is critical, especially the pilot. One step rich and she's a dog. 42p/175m for me
  4.  For turning like a Japanese bike. Install a straight rate spring and run the rr axle way back. The spring requires less pre-load to get the rr up for better geo and the rr axle applies more weight bias to the front tire. Added bonus is the rr has added plushness
  5. Fork re-valve will eliminate some sketch spikes and of course springs for your weight
  6. Rear brake is grabby. I removed material to leave only the middle 1/3. The caliper piston is oversized. I also moved the pedal lower, as to not bump it easily.
  7. Lower the cylinder via base gasket set for correct X dimension and improved "squishband" tolerance(.035" ideal). Head mods required to reach ideal tolerances. There will be a noticeable "tractor factor" and jetting will be most efficient

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