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KTM 200 MXC 2001 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of KTM 200 MXC 2001. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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One of my favorite bikes ever that helped me live a dream. 

In the late 90's I ran the District 36 Hare Scramble races on a shoe string budget and knew I could be competitive with a competitive machine. The machine I was eyeing then was a 97.5 200 Jack Piner.  Fast forward to 2012 and I decided to race a 2001 200 MXC in the District 36 30+ Vet Class. Most of my riding buddies considered me a bit crazy for riding an old bike like that and wanting to win a championship. However I thought it was a great tool for several reasons. 

1. They're easy to setup with so much information out there with it being a bit older.

2. It's easy to ride for long races. Many folks think they need a big 450 or something super fast to be win on. When it comes to endurance racing I found I could go faster at the end of the race on a smaller less powerful bike that weighs less. 

3. Dead engine starts they can't be beat. 

4. Parts availability are plentiful, most parts from 98-2016 fit or can be adapted. 

5. Tunability - with the wide range of parts available from the EXC, MXC, SX, XC, XCW you can truly create these bikes to adapt to you, your style and conditions. 



1. Most people find the forks not very good out of the box. All of my bikes though I have professionally setup and after having these setup they worked as well for off road as the newest stuff at the time. 

2. I did break a transmission, however I was able to replace it within days because of the parts availability. This doesn't seem to be a common problem. 


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My latest toy.

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