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Yamaha TTR50E 2008 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Yamaha TTR50E 2008. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Bought this to drop my interest rate on R1 parts after i totaled my buddies R1. Its a fun little bike. I put HD springs, HD wheels & spokes, jetted, airbox delete & gyrt (or whatever) foam filter, home brew rear hand brake for WHEELIE TIME :)

It goes about 40mph with me on it and is really fun for wheelies and ripping around the neighborhood. The semi auto trans kind of sucks if you have any semblance of clutch control on a real bike.

I have taught 4 or 5 people how to ride on this bike and then threw them on my ancient XT250.

I guess this bike would be pretty awesome for a child. It has a throttle stop and the brakes actually work really well if you keep them adjusted properly. I can roll 60-70' endos from 2nd gear no prob on it.

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overall on par with the crf, neither is better than the other, estart is nice.

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