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Yamaha XT225 2001 Reviews

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Great little bike.

Absolute maximum top speed of 82mph, doesn't really like going past 70mph, cruises the best at 50-55mph depending on slope and wind.

Super light. About 180lbs with gas and oil.

Handles really well on and off road.

Gets about 70mpg, and due to the engine size, insurance is $8 per month for a seventeen year old, even lower since I turned eighteen. Perfect bike for a broke high school student.

No issues with reliability. Was starting and driving perfectly fine (After a bit of a warm up) in as low as 15F, and I made it home at as low as 6F without it completely dying on me.

It's geared really funny. first and second are so small, they can't hardly be used anywhere but a 30% incline hill start, while third, fourth, and fifth ride like a small street bike, leaving the gap between second and third pretty long.

Because of this gearing, it handles trails and woodland phenomenally. I live near a man made lake, and the Corps of Engineers blocked many old farm roads that now drive straight into the lake with piles of dirt/fine gravel that's now about four feet high and very steep.

I rode over it, and a log about two feet in diameter without it starting to bog down at all.

Mechanically, as far as I know, it's the same as the XT250. Really, the 250 is just a big bore of the 225.

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