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Yamaha YZ250 2002 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Yamaha YZ250 2002. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Just got it before winter, traded my old YZ450F straight up for it. Took it out for a couple of short rips and I love the 2T hit and premix smell up my nose....missed that shit. It will be my new harescramble bike so I may be doing the wide ratio conversion, need the low 1st gear for the tight stufff.

Added a Polisport restyle kit, 11oz flywheel wieght and custom graphics. 

Working on suspension set up for woods.

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Completely built 02 YZ250 


Started with a complete top and bottom rebuild of the engine and tranny. Then decided to go all out.

- Suspension by Smart Performance Suspension 
- Lectron Carburetor (so amazing!!) 
- Magura Hydraulic Clutch 
- FMF Gnarly pipe & Turbine core silencer 
- P3 carbon pipe guard 
- Vforce 3 
- Steahly 11oz flywheel 
- Scott’s Steering Stabilizer 
- Fast Flexx handlebars 
- Cycra ProBend full wrap hand guards 
- Oversized front brake rotor 
- 18” rear wheel conversion 
- Kenda Equilibrium rear and Goldentyre front 
- Fastway Evo III foot pegs 
- Hammerhead designs extended shifter 
- Hyde racing skid plate
- Acerbis 3 gal tank 
- SDG seat 
- Polisport restyle plastic kit 
- Graphics by Motopro Graphics

Only thing left to do is the CRF front brake conversion which I’ll get to next week then send the head to RB design

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Still going through this new to me bike to figure out what all has been done to it!


Previous owner claimed:

13oz Flywheel Weight = No Dice

Eric Gorr Big Bore kit = Flanged head gaskets appear correct still don't know which kit it is.

Rekluse Z-Start Pro = After some adjustment this is working nicely

Oversized Gas Tank = From what I can tell it is an IMS needs new cap


So Far I have done:

Adjusted rekluse

new orings and springs on expansion chamber

new clutch cover (stock was cracked due to overtightening)

new twin air filter

bled the brakes (fluid was toasted)

new Kenda Equilibrium rear

New grippy seat cover

replaced some missing or incorrect fasteners with oem








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Havent had it running long enough for a review

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I use this bike for woods riding. This is the first bike I ever bought, and I was told it was used as a spare bike that didn't get ridden very much. I think he wasn't being truthful lol it rode great at first, brought a buddy that has ridden most of his life to check it out and it was in really great shape for the year. Spring of 2016 I put 30+ hours on it and did a lot of upgrades in between. I learned a lot about jetting, and worked really hard getting it all dialed in for peak performance. Ended up tearing the top end apart because I heard some noise that made me concerned. Found crank bearings were worn, con rod bearing had really bad side to side play, piston didn't look too bad but still wanted to replace, luckily cylinder was in good shape. I did a complete top and bottom rebuild with OEM parts. Kinda expensive but $800-$900 later-a lot of time, patience, and cleaning-and I have basically a new engine and all the tools to rebuild one again. Rebuilt carb, repacked silencer, new chain and sprockets, all at the same time. Around 12 hours since rebuild and it's running very strong, great power, and so much fun to ride. Still have a little carb work to do, need to go up a size or two on the pilot jet. Overall though the bike is a blast, people told me it was too much to start with but honestly I think it was perfect to start with, I'm certainly not a greatly skilled rider but it taught me a lot, and it made me progress a lot and quickly.

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