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Beta 430 RS 2015 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Beta 430 RS 2015. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Love this bike. Added Rekluse and it makes the bike even better in technical stuff.

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I purchased my Beta 430 RS in May 2015. Currently 20 hours and 450 miles.

Since reviews are limited, I will give my curent experience.



Overall, fit and finish are top notch. Standard equipment are things that are add-ons with other brands, Trail Tech Voyager GPS, folding mirrors, a 13 and 15 tooth countershaft sprockets, radiator fan, kick starter, and alluminum skid plate. Another nice feature is the BYOB offered on American Beta's website. How it works, order your new motorcycle, choose the options you want and the bike is shipped complete.The options available on the BYOB are very extensive, which also includes aftermarket items and pricing is very competitive.


Motor: 431 cc with a FCR carb. Power is linear, no big hits, just a smooth constant pull. I have ridden tight wooded single track, desert sand and rocky singe track. The linear power makes controlling traction very easy and confidence inspiring no matter what level rider you are. For a 450 class machine, the engine provides ample torque and power to satisfy the masses out of the box. Maintenance schedules are similar to the other "Dirt bike with a Plate". The exhaust is quiet but provides a nice bark when summoned, and the muffler appears to be less resrictive so no need to run out and purchase an aftermarket exhaust. The transmission takes some break-in like the rest of the bike , but once seated in is smooth and precise. Motor and transmission have seperate oil chambers and pumps.


Chassis and suspension: Beta's heritage is Trails bikes, once you ride the RS you will feel their legacy. The bike feels balanced and smooth, my weight falls within the specs for springs that came on the bike, to my surprise the suspension feels like I took it to a suspension tuner, and I am very familiar with that routine and reward. I was very impressed with the Sach's suspension, the valving is balanced in the front forks to match up nice to the rear shock. Adjusting the clickers can take it from slow speed soft and plush to high speed firm and responsive. I am confident enough that if sent out to a suspension tuner they would need nothing more than minor valve changes to suit my riding style.


Dealer support: for me the dealer is just over 100 miles away, not too bad but so far I don't see any reason to worry about it, the bike is solid. My dealer assures me that Beta USA is committed to "Customer Satisfaction".


I like the fact that I am only tinkering with the bike because I want to, not because I have to. When I bought the bike I added the IMS 3 gallon tank, radiator guards, a guard for the hydraulic clutch cylinder, a JD Jet Kit and a Seat Concepts seat.


Quality and value, I am very impressed, I have not been this excited about a bike in a long time. Give Beta some serious consideration if your in the market. 


4 Stars only because this is my first Beta.


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