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Yamaha YZ250FX 2015 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Yamaha YZ250FX 2015. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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I was going to get another 2-stroke for use as a light weight bike for more technical terrain and races courses and for use as an old man MX practice bike. Then Yamaha threw a curve by introducing the YZ250FX and the redesigned WR250F. Finally.




The last .25 liter 4-stroke I owned was a Honda TL 250. It was a great bike for what it was but left an imprint about how gutless a 250cc thumper is (was) especially for hauling my obese aged lard ass around. I was impressed by the power recently on a 2014 YZ250F and thought then about what a great off roader it would be in certain venues if it had a 6-speed box, an 18 inch rear wheel, electric start, and a side stand. Throw on some hybrid suspension valving and it becomes the new benchmark for off road riding and racing: GNCC style racing; WORCS; GP; Hare and Hound which are the fastest growing segments of off road riding and racing in the United States. But I digress...


So I took a trip over to Ridenow in Peoria, AZ to visit my friend Nick and he had one in stock. I bought it. Better get one while I can because it seems these machines will become wildly popular and probably under produced. Don't swagger in to a dealer and think you're going to "negotiate" on one of these bikes. You'll pay MSRP which is $7800 or get laughed out of the place.


A brand new 2015 Yamaha YZ250FX. Fit and finish is, as expected, prefect in every way. The air filter in front of the seat and the gas fill behind that is a little odd but very trick. It's like some sort of works bike odyssey.  I got it home (3 hour drive each way), set the sag as close as I dared at 110 to accommodate my massive body weight of #260 in gear, put the GYTR tuner on and plugged in the "hard hitting" map numbers, checked tire pressure and all fluids, then took it out for a break in ride in the morning.


I ran it for 20 minutes at no more than 1/2 throttle for then let it cool. I ran it for another 20 minutes at 3/4 throttle and let is cool. By now my fast guy ride buddy had shown up on his 450X to do a 45 mile loop with me since I was afraid to try that distance on 2.1 gallons of stock gas tank. At the end of the break in period which was around an hour of actual run time, the motor seemed to rev more freely and effortlessly and it was ready for a little more aggressive riding.


I topped off the gas and away we went. First through a fast kitty litter sand wash where I was impressed with the stability of the bike. It was confidence inspiring and had plenty of power to stay up in the rev range in 6th gear. It pulled right through with no fuss or strain. I was still reluctant to wind it out much for fear of hurting the new motor. There were some sections of washboard that were unpleasant on the new suspension but other than that the suspension was plush and predictable. In fact, the ride was unbelievably stable and predictable no stabilizer required today. It will need heavier springs for me but barely. The forks have superb bottoming resistance and extremely well behaved. The shock is extremely well behaved but will bottom easier and the stock spring is just not enough for a rider of my weight. I didn't tough clicker settings and might be able to dial it in better but I know in my heart of hearts the boingers will be visiting Paul at Agent Smith racing for re-spring and re-valve.


We then got up on the harder packed rocky 2 track trails and pretty much railed them. I'm blown away by how well the motor pulls and by the feeling that it's always in the right gear. There are no gaps in the gears and the butter smooth clutch operation is the best I've ever ridden and it's not a hydraulic.


I'm not a fan of AT81 tires but they work great on the 250FX. I was suspicious the stock 13/51 gearing would sign off much too early and allow the 450f's to get too far ahead on the fast 2 track. The 6th gear seems to compensate nicely for that and although I didn't log top speed on GPS it seems by seat of the pants that speeds in the 70mph range are not out of play on this bike. So even the gearing is right. It will work fine on the MX track, tight single track, or open desert. If I were only doing open desert riding I would re-gear probably to 13/48ish.


Brakes are superb. Fuel range is over 50 miles of open desert on the stock tank.


The bike is race ready off the showroom floor. I'm going to put some heavier springs on it and re-valve for my liking. It'll get a skid plate and an FMF slip on, some flag hand guards, then it'll get the wheels ridden off of it.


GOOD JOB YAMAHA! I'm raving about this bike. I still can't believe it's only a 250F.

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Sweet machine. Excellent suspension, great motor, magic button. Love it.

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John Kaveney


Great bike

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Best off the shelf bike you can buy.

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Best bike I've ever had.

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