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Yamaha WR250F 2016 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Yamaha WR250F 2016. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Didn't see a review for a 2016 WR250F, yet, so I'll write a quick one.

Just as with the dirt bike I was riding at the time, my 2016 KTM 200 XC-W (which a bought in June of 2015), I bought this 2016 Yamaha WR250F pretty much on a whim after seeing it on the local Yamaha dealer's showroom floor in June of 2016.

I'd owned 2009 and 2002 WR250Fs and enjoyed them, so I couldn't help myself.

Before I rode the bike (or even started the engine), I installed the GYTR Competition Kit and used the GYTR Power Tuner to load the map recommended for when running the stock muffler.

Then, I went out for my first ride on the local rocky trails.

It was an eye-opener.

The things that got my attention most were the power and power delivery, stability and feel of the bike while in motion, and the front forks.

Compared to my older WR250Fs, which were good, this 2016 model seemed to have as much low-end torque combined with more everywhere else.

Very easy to use with plenty of torque to negotiate tricky trails with a good dose of power in the mid-range and a top end that revved further than the older models.

Very good, and that's with the stock, very quiet muffler.

In fact, since this bike uses the new-fangled reverse-engine design, the airbox inlet is along side the lower triple clamp and the airbox cover is located where the fuel tank would normally be, so you hear more intake noise than exhaust muffler noise.

One of the things that I felt was Luke-warm with my KTM ownership was the fair straight-line stability over rough ground and general less-than-solid feel while at speed.

I prefer excellent stability and a more solid feel, and this 2016 WR250F delivered that in spades, just as with my other Yamaha dirt bikes.

What do I mean by "solid"?

The feeling that the bike will not get bounced off your intended line unless you make a big mistake, and the tires feeling like they're making excellent contact with the ground.

Great control, in other words.

Combine that feeling with the excellent forks and rear suspension, and my first ride on this bike was an experience to enjoy.

The suspension, especially the forks in particular, seemed to feel firm and sporty at first, but once that nasty trail trash (rocks and roots sticking out of the ground) was encountered, they suddenly felt plush and extremely willing to actually move and absorb the bumps.

It felt incredible having that sensation, and probably due to these being my first KYB SSS forks, these are easily the best forks I've ever had on a dirt bike.

Combined with the always-excellent rear suspension, it is very well-suspended, indeed.

Overall, the bike is great fun to ride and imparts an excellent feel of sure-footed stability yet with agility to the rider, allows you to place the bike where you want it and feel good while doing it, has fantastic suspension, a powerful yet easy-to-use engine, and as I found out every weekend from early June until Thanksgiving day last year, easy to maintain.

This 2016 WR250F has to be one of the best and most fun-to-ride dirt bikes I've owned, if not THE most fun.

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2016 Wr250F with an FMF Powercore 4

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