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Yamaha WR450F 2017 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Yamaha WR450F 2017. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Love this bike, I wish it was lighter tho. Need to tweak the forks a bit, they're stuff as shit.

I recommend getting the gytr compitition kit and a tuner.

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Sasquatch WR450


I bought the 2017 for the kick start, and also for EFI. I stayed with the WR450 due to dependability. (Previous bike 2011 WR450 had almost 10,000 single track miles). Right away I noticed the stalling during low speed manuvering. I turned the idle up a couple of clicks, and it helped. Plus I got used to it. Bike feels taller, that combined with low speed stalling added up to several tip overs. I also noticed that the throttle is much easier to twist. Which has caused a couple of whisky throttle situations during some critical moments. Fuel tank is smaller, I don't like having to carry gas during "over 50 mile" rides. Although I have gotten 55 miles without running out, with warning light on at 39. I love the starting. Old bike had a more labored starter. It always started easier with kick start. I'm at about 350 miles right now. So far I love it. My butt is still adjusting from the old bike, to this one.

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Bought the 2017 since the 2018 doesn’t have a kickstarter.

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