Yamaha YZ450FX 2017

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DTM Industries

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I just got the bike but just riding it on the street and cruzing around the block this bike is sooo smooth and it just amazing! I'm almost speechless! Every old bike iv ever bought and had to put thousands of dollars into it to make it remotely close to this bike out of the box bone stock!

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6'0'' 202lbs Novice\inter C-class rider.


Power from the bike is very usable, easy to control and manage. but there's a lot of it when you twist it. won't snap on you like the MX model though. Suspension out of the box is plush, especially the forks. the shock is fine for my stats, but the forks are a bit too soft for me. Before my re-valve I just added 5cc of fork oil and that solved my bottoming issue on jumps.


weight-wise this bike is a bit of a bear, but the power and suspension makes it seem more agile that it probably should be. I would quickly shave lbs with a lithium Batt, exhaust, and lighter tires with tubeless. Clutch work is easy, doesn't want to stall ever and the pull won't kill you in a 2 hour HS. Overall I think this bike is amazing once setup for you size and style of riding.

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