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KTM 200 XC-W 2016 Reviews

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I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

I bought this bike as an experiment, mainly, because I'd never owned a KTM in my life, and I wanted to see for myself what that was like.


Overall, good power delivery for riding the rocky and rooty Connecticut trails in my area.

I hoped it would have enough low-end torque for this kind of terrain, and it delivered that, no problem.

The bike was easy to ride through the rough trails by torqueing your way around all over the place, along with short blasts of higher-RPM power when conditions allowed it.

The top end (which I actually could not use all that often out on the trails I ride) felt good.

The only gripe I had with power delivery was that the mid-range torque felt a bit flat, as if the RPM were climbing but the torque output was not climbing accordingly.


Suspension felt like a classic "woods" setup:

Springs and damping on the soft side in able to soak-up the trail trash like rocks and roots sticking up out of the ground.

It did not feel high-tech or fancy, but it worked well enough.

Noticeable front end dive while hard braking, but nothing unexpected.

All-in-all, very ride-able with no glaring faults to drive you crazy.


Very average-feeling is the best way I can descried how the handling felt.

Not incredibly stable, but decently stable that allows a good pace over rough ground.

Not incredible turning ability, but pretty good while doing so.

The bike felt tall, thin, and long in wheelbase.

It felt pretty light, too, being a 200 2-stroke, one of the smaller-sized engines on a full-sized dirt bike.

Overall feel while in use:

I had read and heard so much good stuff about this bike for years, and when my experiment was over (I rode the bike for five months, every weekend), I can say that the 2016 KTM 200 XC-W was, indeed, a good bike.

To me, I have a hard time heaping tons of praise upon it because, frankly, it never felt special or incredible underneath me.

What it did do was allow me to ride rocky Connecticut trails at a good clip while returning a decent feel in the process.

It's strengths are relatively light weight, easy-to-use power, no glaring flaws, it's a 2-stroke (if you demand that), and it's orange, something that seems to be very important to lots of riders.

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