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Yamaha MT-03 2020 Reviews

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Another motorcycle, so another review.

I bought my 2020 MT-03 in mid-March of this year as soon as it hit my local Yamaha dealer. I actually owned a 2020 Honda CB300R from October of 2019, but I traded that bike back in toward the MT-03 since the MT-03 was really what I wanted to start with.

The MT-03 is basically the naked version (less bodywork and taller handlebars) of the YZF-R3, the 321cc, twin-cylindered sport bike in the Yamaha lineup. In fact, many of the parts are the same.

Once I started riding the bike, the first thing I noticed was that, unlike the reviews I'd been watching on YouTube claimed, you certainly do not have to wring the bike's neck at 10,000 rpm to get power out of it. There is plenty of torque down low in the rev range to scoot you along just fine and dandy. A surprising amount, in my opinion, and I have never got the impression that I'm riding a bike with gutless low-end torque that has to be revved to get anywhere. That's nonsense. After the good low-end, at 7,000 RPM the bike gets into the powerband and wails strongly ahead to 10,000 RPM where the power peaks and gradually tapers off to the 12,500 RPM redline. The power delivery and characteristics are easy to use, fun to use, and plenty quick. Throttle response is good without any annoying snatchy feel when opening the throttle from closed, something more than a couple modern bikes suffer from. Thumbs-up to the engine.

The feel and handling of the MT-03 is surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because, frankly, I was wondering if this low-cost bike would feel like like a low-cost bike in the handling department. Boy, was I wrong. The bike gives me the feeling that I can put it anywhere I choose and do it with confidence. More than once I was amazed at how good the bike felt beneath me while riding my favorite roads. Thumbs-up to the handling.

The suspension works very well, believe it or not. The fork is an inverted 41mm KYB, if I recall, with no external damping or preload adjusters, and the rear shock is also basic with no piggyback reservoir or external damping adjusters in sight - just spring preload adjustment. As with the handling dept., I was pleasantly surprised that the budget-looking suspension components work pretty dang well out on the road. It soaks-up the bumps well, maintains traction over those bumps, and basically does what I expect it to do. Thumbs-up to the suspension.

The brakes are ABS-type with a 2-piston slide pin caliper in front and a single-piston slide pin caliper out back. The brakes, particularly the front, are another part of the MT-03 that the YouTube testers are complaining about, citing it has a "wooden" feel that doesn't give good feedback to the rider. In my opinion, this is more nonsense because I feel the brakes work very well, indeed, thank you very much. They are strong, give me good feel, and don't leave me wanting more out of them. Thumps-up for the brakes.

The tires are Dunlop GPR300 radials. Once again, you'd think the factory would cheap-out and fit some bias ply IRCs or something like that, but this was another pleasant surprise. These tires soaked the bumps well and gave great feel and traction out on the twisty roads I ride. They feel good enough that I'd consider buying another pair come replacement time. Another thumps-up.

The only complaint I have with my 2020 MT-03 is the styling. The front of the bike around the headlight looks good, the fuel tank looks good, the frame and swingarm designs look good, and the tail section and seat area looks good. It's the middle part around the faux air intake scoops the could use some help, in my opinion.

Speaking of the seat area, the low seat height makes it easy to touch the ground and the shape of the seat is one of the best I've ridden on. It's very comfy and allows me to move around on it while hustling the bike through curves. The stock seat is very good.

So, there you have it. I'm happy with the purchase of my 2020 MT-03, and if you're looking for a smaller-displacing street bike that feels great commuting and sport riding, you probably would be, too.

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