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Gas Gas EX 350F 2021 Reviews

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2021 Gasgas EX 350F

Break-in ride

Rider: 50+ C rider (hare scrambles, some enduros) 235lb riding weight (gear + pack). Haven't ridden offroad in the past 10+ years.

Terrain: New England woods on high traffic trails - tree roots, rocks, large rocks covered with moss, a bit of mud, brief climbs. Primarily 2nd & 3rd gear stuff with a few 1st gear hang ups in larger rocks.

Bike setup: bone stock, fork set to 142 PSI.

Impression: A nice bump of power from off idle, power yawns for a bit, then it's on. It will pick the front end up easily at low revs. But it's a high revving 350, so it might take a bit of a tug to loft the front when you're carrying speed in the middle of the revs. I like the gear spacing with the stock gearing. 1st is low enough to get out of tough spots without abusing the clutch. When running through the gears, the power is in good spot for a long pull. For racing, I would opt for the quicker throttle cam to lessen fatigue when more WFO action is in play.

The bike did experience a few flame-outs, but it's a fresh bike with a not-so fresh rider. This is probably not the best bike as a trail plonker. You'll need to cover that clutch in the 1st gear stuff. The clutch is not super light, so you'll feel it. An auto clutch would be your friend if you wanted to ride this bike where a 300 smoker might be the better option.

The fork is amazing at soaking up small, sharp hits. I deliberately hit a few rocks to be sure I wasn't just missing them. This fork is definitely geared towards hitting the larger bumps with good speed though, as I was only using about half of the travel most of the time. So you'll feel the medium and up sized stuff if you're not carrying speed, but it's more of a shove than a smack. I'm looking forward to having this thing fully run-in, so I can charge a bit harder to see how it works out. Compared to the beating my YZ250 gave me in the woods, this thing's nice. And again, probably not the best choice as a trail plonker.

At 6' tall, the bars feel at least an inch too low for me during slower woods riding. I plan to add a Scotts w/sub-mount, and that will take care of that. I will also be adding the MAP/TC switch when that comes in. Other than that, the bike has so far met my expectations as a woods racer. While I might not feel up to speed yet, the bike feels like a good match.



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