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Yamaha YZ250 2020 Reviews

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I've owned many new bikes over my time, and this is the closest I've ever experienced to truly being race-ready right out of the box.  This bike is competitive as-is.  Although Yamaha has done little in the way of updates since introducing its aluminum frame, you have to believe that it's largely because they didn't need to.  And in fairness, none of the Japanese machines have seen any significant changes in recent years.  I'm looking forward to the red, green, and yellow machine builders admitting to themselves and the world that 2-strokes own motocross, and seeing them get back to the business of offering new 2-stroke technology.  Until then I'll promote Yamaha, KTM, and Husky.

The YZ is fun to ride.  Suspension is easy to dial in, and I love the engine.  The package is very tractable and doesn't give you death threats if you make a mistake through choppy ruts and off-camber turns.  I might have given it a 5-star score if not for a shifting issue that showed its ugly face before the bike was even through its break-in period.  Seemed strange, as this is a tried and true engine with a good reputation for reliability.  I did diagnose the cause, made the correction, and the problem is gone.  Turns out it was a malformed shift shaft return spring.

I would recommend this machine to my best friend.

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