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Kawasaki KLX300SM 2021 Reviews

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I use a motorcycle for daily utility transportation in my business, so I choose small lightweight underpowered bikes because I'm also small lightweight and underpowered. Anything over 300 pounds is out, so that eliminates the road bikes. I don't do dirt, so that eliminates the dirt bikes. This leaves the strange not-a-road bike, not-a-dirt-bike genre of supermotos. 

I was surprized to see Kawasaki come out with an SM as it is exactly what I was looking for. While it was difficult to find one actually in stock, when I did I bought it and modded it. The reliable fuel injected engine always starts and a counter-rotating balance shaft makes it run smoothly with very little vibration.  The close ratio 6 speed gearbox is an improvement over my last supermoto.

The rear shock has a wide range of adjustability so I made good use of it to lower the bike. The front was simple.  Removing the stock bars allowed dropping the triple to install clip on bars onto the exposed tops of the fork tubes. There is no vibration at the handgrips. The unsprung seat height is 30 inches which fits fine.  Even though the 304 pound curb weight was at the upper limit, by using a variety of weight saving mods, it's 291 pounds now, even adding a 3 pound rack. It's not a fast bike but it does an easy 65mph @ 6,500rpm on the freeway. The 2 gallon gas tank is on the small side, but the bike averages over 80 mpg so it's not an issue.  


All in all I'm pleased with it. I used my last SM for 35,000 miles and this one should do at least as well.



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