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Yamaha WR250F 2020 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Yamaha WR250F 2020. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!

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Marcus G


Great bike but so far I’ve had a whining noise twice with less than 20 hours on the bike you can see a thread with others having same issue, it’s currently at the dealership being checked out so hoping for the best. Okay into the review and all positives about this bike. 

I added quite a few accessories straight away and a couple of them made a massive difference. The bike stock is very twitchy on the low end and power delivery is not smooth with a lot of engine braking. Adding the competition ECU and a map solves all of that and turns it into a mean machine and a lot closer to a two stroke (as close as a four stroke can get). Pair the bike with tubeliss and a gummy tire and it handles some pretty tough stuff with ease. It’s not as light as those two strokes but so far seems very durable except for the radiators which are pretty soft, (I have the very strong well made billet proof designs radiator guards on and still have left side radiator with a few rows squished in). 

I enjoy riding this bike a lot it’s a huge step up from my carbureted 2007 WR250f so I am thoroughly enjoying it so far just hope the whining noise goes away as the bike further breaks in and it’s nothing serious but that’s in the dealers hands and hope they can check it thoroughly. 

if you have had a WR250f in the past I would definitely go for a new one if it’s something your looking at, the 2022 model looks even better. 

keep in mind though depending where you are in the world some of the bikes like mine don’t come with the CCU or ECU as stock and those are expensive add ons that you can never seem to find available anywhere and Yamaha can’t give a estimated time wen it will be back in stock. 









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