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Found 133 results

  1. Hey, guys I'm new to this site and I was wondering what size bike I should get. Or what I would fit on. I used to ride a 09 YZ250F a couple years back until some scumbag stole it out of my garage! (never got it back) and I've really been missing it. But anyways I'm looking to get a supermoto for riding on the street and occasionally riding on some trails near me. I really want to get a 450 4 stroke but I'm only 5'9 and 140 pounds wet lol. so I honestly don't know if I will fit on a 450 I was thinking about the 300 exc. But if I could fit a 450 or even a KTM 500 that would be amazing. I don't want to go back to a 250 because I'll get bored of it real quick. Any help on what size I should get would be great, Thanks!
  2. Today i flushed the old coolant out, and added fresh coolant to the radiator. When I started it up, it began smoking after 1-2 minutes of idling. I killed the engine and started checking hoses, looking for leaks and noticed some damage to the radiator. It looks like this part was pushed into the radiator, but i'm not even sure what it is? My question is about the damage to the radiator, is it enough to say the radiator is ruined and needs to be replaced? Also, what the heck is this thing that was pushed into it? I bought this bike a week ago, and I've only owned older bikes in the past, so I've never seen anything like this before? Main concern is the smoke from the radiator, but any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. On my 2008 rmz 450, at 1/4 throttle there's this horrible studder. It started about a month ago. The bike has about 70 hours on it i bought it later last year and never had a problem with it. The only thing that i changed on it was the header pipe it had the stock one and i tweaked it where it was making a weird noise so i replaced it with a stock one. Things i have tried............................ New spark plug Cleaned the air filter Oil change Checked the valves one exhaust is on the loose side but not out of spec. I may try injector cleaner but idk if thats ok for these bikes. Any help is appreciated thanks in advance
  4. Tyler Brown

    07 450 kickstarter stuck

    Ok so here's the thing, replaced top end and bike ran perfect then at the end of the day for some reason the kickstarter started getting stuck, it gets stuck on the compression stroke but if you put steady weight on the kicker it'll slowly start going down and then it'll kick fine until it gets back on the compression stroke again. Also if i take the spark plug out it'll kick perfectly fine. Any ideas i cant seem to figure it out. Thanks
  5. I recently purchased a used 2009 CRF450r.. before this bike, everything I've owned had carburetor and cables. That being said, I'm certain something is missing here in the assembly, I just have no clue what I am looking for, what it's called or where to order it. There is nothing that really helps in the manual, but if anyone knows the part(s) i need to get my front brake functioning again, it would be greatly appreciated. Here are a few pictures of the setup with the new lever on, as well as with it off. All i know for sure about this font brake, is that the lever i purchased doesn't reach/touch anything.
  6. I was adjusting the intake valves and noticed this ! Should this be absolutely be replaced, or is it OK to run ? Its a 2013 450 XC-F with 72 hours. I had been aware of the KTM recall for the 2013 450/500 rocker arm due to poor DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating, this looks to be the same issue to me. I didn't think the recall had applied to my bike since I had entered my VIN on the KTM website, and it only had the fuel line recall come up. Now I'm wishing I could have the warranty work done. You guys think there's any chance the dealer would initiate a warranty for this ? I'm going to see the dealer this week and see what they say. Any advice ?
  7. Was riding my 450, testing out a new speedometer, shifted into 2nd, moved a couple feet and heard a loud crack noise from engine area. Will not turn over, sounds like its jammed or seized from moving. My guess is tat the timing chain just exploded and fouled everything up. Haven't found time to open it up. Thought I'd go to forums to get some opinions on what to look at first. As far as back round info: Engine was opened up to replace some gaskets. replaced my valves and adjusted rockers to .05mm. Timing chain taken apart a couple times. Shifts through gears fine even though it doesn't run. I am not very fond of ktms or dirt bikes in general but fairly mechanically inclined. I don't know what to do so here I am on the forums. Any help or advice is much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Electrical Help Please - Unknown Current Drain I know electrical problems can be a can of worms but I’m hoping someone has seen similar issues on husky/ktm before. Troubleshooting tips appreciated. 2016 Husky FC 450 Vortex ECU 0.2 Amp drain found when all stop and off. Findings - Battery voltage at 12.7v when stopped. 14.2v when running. - Amp draw reduces to 0.1 Amp when ECU is unplugged. Why? - Noticed that the fuel pump turned on when I reconnect the battery. Shouldn’t this only happen when I bump the start button? - Removed Fuel Pump Relay, drain stopped while unplugged. Replaced relay with new, drain continues when connected. - Main ground connections at frame look good and tight. - Bike rides fine but battery dies overnight if not disconnected. - Battery replaced, no change. - Other forums mentioned failing fuel relay and rectifier, does that make sense? What/Where is the rectifier? How do I test it?
  9. Got about 250 hours on my 18 EXCF-450. I've got my suspension dialed in- im a big rider. 1st gear wheelies effortlessly in any situation -as it should. 2nd - 4th gear cant wheelie at all, which is where I need it (mostly 2&3). Its utter shit. My 16 XC-f 350 would wheelie if a light breeze caught the throttle tube in any gear. I ride singletrack/Enduro. I only do practical wheelies to get the front up over logs, small pits, jumps-kickers etc... Dam thing flames out on quick throttle blips. I went down on the front sprocket from 14 to 13- Not much help, but 1st does respond quicker. Looking for advise to get the front end up with a blip and zap. -Praying that the $1000 Vortex ECU isn't the answer. HELP!
  10. Hi, looking for some advice. No real experience with bikes, financed a 2016 KTM 450XCW after riding a 125RM in a back lot for about a week. Don't have much access to offroad spots so I wanted a street legal bike that I could maybe supermoto. I have some 50/50 tires on there now, and installed a dirt-tamer cam that reduces the power by about 20% (https://www.g2ergo.com/store/g2-dirt-tamer/). For now I plan to mostly ride it on the street, but my buddy is getting a bike soon too and might look at finding some trails. Question: I know the bike is too big for a beginner and honestly is a bit scary, but if I'm mostly going to be riding it around streets and possibly going to supermoto it one day, was seeing people's opinions on if I should look into selling it for a smaller bike, or keep at it and learn this beast. Also, if I do end up trying to ride offroad with it, will I have a terrible time? I financed the bike new, so not sure how much I would lose out on trying to sell it...
  11. I have a 2008 ktm exc 450 and recently replaced the head gaskets and now Im checking the valves. After rebuilding everything up to this point, id been able to get the camshaft with timing chain to slide into place just fine. But after removing one of the rocker arms to put a valve shim in, the cam will no longer slide all the way in. It stops with about 1/4 inch left and it feels like theres a fluid pressure preventing it from goin the rest of the way. I can force it if I try hard just enough to get the plate on the gear portion, but its not enough to screw tight. Did I mess something up? How do I get it to slide in like i did before?
  12. I just purchased a new 2017 KTM 450XC-F and really love the thing. I rode a buddy's 450 and knew it was the bike I was looking for. My 250 just wasn't doing it for me in the power department and I'm not fond of revving the bike to get what I need out of it. It starts fine, but it takes a couple of seconds for it to start up. Not a big deal for most, but I need it to start much quicker to be competitive for harescrambles. Looking up the battery, it doesn't tell me anything about turning amperage or anything of that sort. Curious to know if anyone has replaced the stock lithium battery to get something to be competitive off the line and what they found to be useful. Secondly, I really love the clutch on the bike. It's silky smooth, but once in a while the bike just flames out and it drives me nuts. I don't want to get a Rekluse, but I can't have it flaming out on me every 30min or so. Has anyone had issues like this and fixed it? I've heard the TPS may be something to look into, but don't want to start changing things drastically for a smaller issue. I prefer to get a good baseline of the bike and make tweaks here and there.
  13. Motorider101

    2018 MXA 450 Shootout

    The MXA 450 shootout video finally came out. It is almost 20 minutes long! But found it the most in depth review of 2018 dirt bikes around. Thought some people would gain some help and knowledge from it. https://motocrossactionmag.com/the-greatest-450-shootout-ever-its-long-indepth-accurate/
  14. Jesse Smith

    2017 crf450r electric start

    any one do the electric start kit on the 17? i see two different part numbers for it 08Z70-MKE-A00 and 08Z71-MKE-A00? does the kit 08z71 come with the harness any everything else or do you have to buy both?
  15. MotoXRacer_19

    KTM 2-stroke Overheating

    I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. My 2010 KTM 250 XC won't stop peeing coolant out of the overflow tube. I've used 3 different radiator caps (two of the oem 1.8 bar caps and one CV4 2.0 bar) and it still continues to pee coolant as soon as the bike starts up. I just recently bought and installed brand new radiators [GPI on eBay for $88 (the seem fine just the welds are a bit crappy and you can see inside of the tubes where the metal from the welds drooped down but there are no blocks)] and silicone hoses (profactory hoses) thinking they were the problem since the old radiators were bent in like bananas. To my dismay that was apparently not the issue. I've had everything apart and looked at. Has brand new base gaskets, head gaskets, radiators, and radiator hoses. I've bled the radiators like the manual says and there are no bubbles like air leaking into the system or being in the system. The jetting is also perfect. The only thing I haven't changed out is the oem impeller in the water pump but it looks to be in great condition. Any ideas on how I can fix this problem before it gets worse? Also, has anyone else had this problem and figured out how to fix it? I ride it in mostly tight 0-10 mph trails and also some 10-20 mph trails.
  16. My rm125 leaks gas when sitting there on the stand with gas off. I've tried cleaning carb to make sure no dirt or anything! Please help! Also my kickstarter is tight when pulling out?
  17. As I was inspecting my new-to-me bike that I just purchased, I noticed there is a grove on the back side of my front brake rotor that goes completely around it, and you can feel it with your finger nail. I have noticed some poor performance, but I figured it was because of the new pads that the previous owner installed just before I bought it hadn't seated yet. However, I've ridden a couple times and it doesn't seem to get much better, if any better at all. Is that enough to explain why when I pull in the brake as hard as I can, it only slows me down a little, instead of going into a stoppie and over the bars (as I wish it would)? Should I look into buying a brand new rotor? I have no pictures of it, I'll try to post some when I can.
  18. ThumperTalk

    Arctic Cat 450 2011

    1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Model: Arctic Cat 450 Year: 2011 Category: ATV Rating: 56.7 out of 100. ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION Displacement: 443.00 ccm (27.03 cubic inches) Engine type: Single cylinder, four-stroke Bore x stroke: 89.0 x 71.2 mm (3.5 x 2.8 inches) Valves per cylinder: 4 Fuel system: Injection. EFI Fuel control: SOHC Cooling system: Liquid Gearbox: Automatic Transmission type, final drive: Belt Driveline: Automatic CVT with EBS, Hi/Lo Range and Reverse. 2/4 WD + Diff Lock Exhaust system: Alternator Capacity: 18 amps. CHASSIS, SUSPENSION, BRAKES AND WHEELS Front suspension: Double A-Arm Front suspension travel: 254 mm (10.0 inches) Rear suspension: Double A-Arm Rear suspension travel: 254 mm (10.0 inches) Front tyre dimensions: 25/8-12 Rear tyre dimensions: 25/10-12 Front brakes: Single disc. Hydraulic Rear brakes: Single disc. Hydraulic PHYSICAL MEASURES AND CAPACITIES Dry weight: 313.9 kg (692.0 pounds) Overall height: 1,219 mm (48.0 inches) Overall length: 2,154 mm (84.8 inches) Overall width: 1,206 mm (47.5 inches) Ground clearance: 279 mm (11.0 inches) Wheelbase: 1,270 mm (50.0 inches) Fuel capacity: 21.57 litres (5.70 gallons) OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Starter: Electric Carrying capacity: Front Rack Capacity 100 lbs / 45.4 kg. Rear Rack Capacity 200 lbs / 90.8 kg. Towing Capacity 1,050 lbs / 476.3 kg Color options: Advantage Timber Camo, Lime, Red, Green
  19. I would like to preface this by saying that this might be somewhat of a rookie question, but never the less I am in search of answers. For some time now I have noticed that the front brake on my 2003 450 EXC has been fairly squeaky when coming to stops, even though I have hardly put any miles on the bike since I installed new pads several months ago. Upon closer inspection to the front caliper I noticed that the outside stationary brake pad does not appear to clear the thin channel located at the top of the brake pad for the rotor to pass through (picture provided). I would also like to add that I have an extra front caliper for my model KTM that also appears to have the same "issue", and this caliper is also the one I will be posting photos of, instead of the one currently mounted on the bike. So, is it possible that this is the source of the banshee screech my front brake seems to emit whilst coming to a stop? If so, does anyone know of any fixes for this issue, or is it something that I just shouldn't be worrying about? As a final side note, the only direct, let's call it, "performance" issue I have noticed is that my front brake is unable to keep the front wheel locked whenever I attempt to do burnouts. I could basically be squeezing the lever so hard that I feel like it's going to snap off in my hand, and the front wheel will either slowly roll, or sightly hop. Thanks to all in advance for any help or wisdom given, it is very much appreciated.
  20. Anyone switch from a 450 to a 2017 or newer TC250 or 250SX? I have a 08 CRF450 I like a lot but since the new Husky/KTM redesign in 2017 I have been thinking of making the switch back to 2 strokes. I am 37 with 2 kids and mainly ride at practice tracks and maybe one race a year...so I dont ride competitive but love ripping on tracks. So I was looking for some feedback/input from anyone who rode a new Husky/KTM.
  21. Brady Brittain

    HELP 2012 Wr 450 getting hot FAST

    Here lately, probably the past month or so, my 2012 wr450 started running a lot hotter than usual. It happened right around the time I put some header wrap on my head pipe so I thought that was the issue and left it at that. Well I deliver for a company on my bike and its been warming up here in texas the past few weeks ~80's I decided to take the header wrap off because it felt unbearable riding with how hot this thing is now. So I take the wrap off and the bike still gets stupid hot stupid fast. Now when I say stupid hot I don't mean boiling but temps, but way higher than it used to in a shorter amount of time. Before this issue it could be 60 degrees or so outside and my trail tech fan would never kick on. Ever. The fan temp was set to trigger at 175. Now even when it is this cold out (60's) it can hit 175 in maybe a mile of easy riding. I ride on the street so it's constant air flow pretty much all of the time. The bike does have Engine Ice in it and it is full in the rad and appropriate amount in the reservoir. I started it this morning to see if the coolant was circulating with the cap off and the level would kind on bubble (probably not the right word for it) but it would kind of go up and down maybe a half inch or so every second or two. So I assume the pump is working as it should? Not sure but i've got a buddy who is bringing his stock water pump over and I am going to drain and clean my coolant system with white vinegar and water 50/50 to clean and flush all the junk, if there is any, out of the system and then try his pump setup. I checked my oil and it doesn't look milk shaked inside but I do plan on changing the oil tonight to see if there is anything going on in there which will tell me if impeller shaft seal is bad etc etc. Also, When it's in the garage and running my temps on my GYTR tuner says the engine temp is 150/160's when the trailtech fan kit is saying 180's but once the bike is off they seem to equalize out within 2 or so degrees from eachother. Not sure if that tells me anything but this is far all I know off the top of my head currently, If things change or I remember I will update the thread. The bike has 320 hrs on it probably 98% street riding as this is my daily driver. It is not losing coolant, leaking or burning. Valves are all in spec, checked last night (for the first time lmao) GYTR ECU and FMF powercore4 pipe Oil should be good but I am going to do it anyways tonight. Coolant getting flushed and cleaned along with a "new" water pump this evening aswell. If anyone has some tips or things to check for etc let me know. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hey everyone! I went out to the desert last weekend and decided to record it. We rode mostly tight sand washes. Check it out! PS Turn up the resolution and the cameras were faced too far down but I tried to make it work
  23. Should I buy a 2002 YZ426f OR a 2009 CRF250R? The YZ has alot of extras and looks to be in pretty good shape, the owner used it alot, but took care of it. The CRF is in EXCELLENT condition and looks great Both bikes are for sale at about $1500, but i should be able to talk it down a bit I'm having a difficult time deciding between the two, I'd be sacrificing power for age and vice versa, idk any insight would be helpful. Thanks
  24. Ok so we have a thread in Northwest that is for helmet cam vids, well lots of mine are shot with my mobile, so sort of rules that out, also we have Short Attention Span Theatre, but those are 45 seconds max. Here in the Pics and Vid section there is a thread on Technical Trails, but the Secret Training Ground has lots of technical bits, these climbs are semi-technical. The more we ride them, the easier they get. There are also lots of short, technical spots generally steep with roots but those are all short sections. I will post up vids from the Secret Training Ground. If you have some Secret location vids, post em up, but it has to be a secret location. No telling where you're at. Backstory here... we keep making little climbs that are more difficult than the last one. First Hill, No Way, Rock Face, then OhEmEffGee, each time we're thinking man, not sure we'll get up it, then after wearing it down a bit we start to make it up on a regular basis. Cheers. Latest- hot off the press from the last 3-4 weeks. Rock Face Revisited bit is from last weekend. Super muddy slick (not as slick as wet clay though)... https://youtu.be/ZldYXmPAy9E
  25. This popped on a local Craigslist this morning and I went ahead and put a deposit on it for the guy to take down the ad and let me get the cash together. 50 hrs, 1100 miles, comes with a steering damper, guts seat, taller (yeah, taller - he's trying to find the old ones) sprockets, shock bleeders and a nice foldy mirror. $4,750. Very clean in person, a few nicks. Drove it, man the last big thumper I drove was a Husky 610 back in like 2003 - really powerful, night & day, maybe that was weight or just me getting older, I don't know. I do know I'll need to lower the seat height 1 to 2 inches. Onto questions: -Lowering seat height a huge deal? It looks pretty straightforward with the adjuster. -Dude will knock off $250 without the damper. I've never owned one. Any thoughts? -My commute is 10 min with a short 5-mile highway burst - I would be riding to work maybe once a week. Chasing around gravel roads and trails maybe 4 days a month. Not a whole ton of really intensive or dirty riding. Given this usage, thoughts about the maintenance interval? -Lastly, this seems like a heck of a deal with the hours on it but made it hard for me to valuate. Sound too good to be true / just about right / or should I have some wiggle room? Thanks all, appreciate all of the good reads on the site.