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Found 132 results

  1. Heres the noise. Sounds like its coming from my top end..,
  2. Hello everyone just looking for a new bike between a ktm 450 xcf or sx and a ktm 300 xc which one would go harder??
  3. cerialsledder

    Michigan has some kick ass Trails!

    We have been going on adventures every other weekend riding everything Michigan has to offer within a few hour distance of where we live. This is a short one of us playing around on the Moss Lake trails in Rapid River MI. It's not a bad trail, a little choppy for how many roots are on the trail but none the less fun as hell!
  4. Just wanted to share a movie I made from the ride this weekend.
  5. So i have a 2009 kx450f with efi and I'm trying to hook up lights and turn signals and all of that good stuff to make it street legal. I know I need to tap into the bikes power supply to power all of this but I don't know where that would be. Should I go through the cdi or the efi and if so where would that be.
  6. So I have a 2008 yz450f and I would like to add some LED lights to it to make it street legal. Mainly just a headlight and a tail light and turn signals if I need to (which where I live hand signals work). So where I need help is getting power from the stator to a battery. Wiring from a battery to anything else I got and understand and don't need help with (but recommendations are welcome). So my questions are. What type of power is coming from the stator. AC or DC? Will I need a regulator or rectifier? How do I wire something from the stator to charge a battery? What would that wiring look like? Would this stator http://www.rickystator.com/product/stators/yamaha/yamaha-yz450f-35-watt-lighting-stator-assembly-06-09 work? Anything else I should know? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hello all here goes my first post, I have a fully rebuilt rmz 450. The bike runs great, the only problem is every time I try to kick the bike over, about every other kick the bike gets hung up, like some of the teeth on the kick starter gear or the idler gear or clutch basket are messed up. I tap on the kickstarter and have to lean the bike over a bit and keep tapping the kick starter and then it will free up for a few kicks. I took the inner clutch cover off and swapped the kickstarter gear with the one that was in it because I had one laying around. Worked for about two rides, then same thing. I found quite a bit of black suit looking stuff that appeared to be from the clutch plates like it was possibly getting in between gears and causing them to bind. However, I just received a new washer/spring that goes behind the idle gear and wondering if that could be the issue.... Again, I have rebuilt a ton of motorcycle engines and am very knowledgeable, but this just baffles me because I haven't found any damage to the gears from the kickstarter, idle gear, and clutch basket. Any advise would be great. I have attached pictures of the washer and I believe the manual calls for the convex side facing inward.
  8. Polaris1000XP

    450 or 250 4 stroke

    Hey I've been looking at a Kawasaki KX450F lately, but I'm wondering if a 450cc is too much for me. I have a bit experience from dirt biking, but the problem is the gap. I have a 125cc 4 stroke "Chinese" bike that goes 70-80 Kilometers max. Used it everywhere, so I know how to use a dirt bike, but I'm not sure if it's really stupid to go from that garbage to a 450. A lot of power compare to mine. I'm not gonna ride much on tracks, but more on dirt roads and a bit in the forest. I'm 5,8 ft ish tall. Thank you for your time
  9. Just as the title says, what's everyone's favorite eBay mods for your bikes. I find my self buying quite a few parts on there for cheap money. Might not be the best stuff but it sure is cheap! 👍🏻
  10. Hey all, I've been having problems with my throttle position sensor on my Yamaha WR450F 2005. When the sensor is plugged in the bike runs very lumpy on constant throttle and is nearly un-ride-able. In the manual, and all over the internet, there are values of which the TPS must be set at and what resistance it should have. These are : 4-6 ohms resistance 0.58 - 0.78 volts My TPS is set perfectly within these values, being 4.9ohms and 0.72 volts. This indicates to me that my TPS is fine and there is no point buying another? But as soon as i unplug the sensor it does run NEARLY perfect, still very very slightly lumpy but hardly noticeable. Has anyone else had correct readings on their TPS but still isn't working? any help? I don't want to spend £300 on a sensor then it not actually be the problem? Thanks
  11. Check it out! Let me know your thoughts 2018 Shootout 450's BEHIND THE SCENES as a Test Rider
  12. Hi all, I'm new here. I just picked up a 04 CRF 450r a few weeks ago and I have been in love but recently my bike has been giving me problems with going from first to second gear. About half of the time it will just go into neutral, if I pull up extremely hard it will go into second. I can go down from 3rd to 2nd pretty easily. Any idea what this could be? I just changed the transmission oil to eliminate that, not sure if it did anything. All of my other gears work perfect I do notice that there is some resistance when rolling the bike in gear when it is off and the clutch is pulled in, is this normal with 450s? Doesn't seem to have a effect when it is on. Any input is appreciated, thank you.
  13. Joey Banys

    New Headlights

    Hi there, ended up doing my first ride in complete darkness on my 450exc in trails. The factory setup was absolutely terrible, I replaced the bulb a week ago just to have know it’s a new one but I haven’t really done any night riding until now, I’m wondering who has any good suggestions of a new headlight system for the bike. Preferably nothing that gets me into replacing my stator. Any help would be much appreciated, cheers
  14. I just stumbled across a hell of a deal on a brand new FMF Megabomb for a 2014 KTM 350 SX-F. However, I have a 2014 KTM 350 XC-F, and on the ad it says the pipe fits the SX-F models but says nothing about fitting the XC-F. Does anyone know if the head pipes on the SX-F's and XC-F's are interchangeable? I assume they would be since they are identical motors, but I don't want to order it and be SOL.
  15. RiDiculous

    WR450F or YZ450F

    I've been riding a KDX 220R and want to move up to a bigger bike, but I'm not sure which one of these is right for me. I haven't sold my bikes yet, so keep in mind I don't have my mind set on one that's for sale. I'm looking for a 2008 - 2009 YZ450F or a 2009 - 2011 (they didn't sell the 2010 in the US) WR450F. I'm not really sure which one is right for me though. I ride on the road to get to my riding spots so a speedometer and a brake light would be good, but I'm not sure of the WR would be good for track riding. I usually ride trails, so I'm leaning more towards the WR, but I'd also like to get into track riding and I'm not sure if the WR has the power for that. I'm really leaning towards the WR because of the suspension, body (headlight, taillight, ect.), and reliability. I haven't heard much about the YZ450F but any opinions you have on the bikes are much appreciated.
  16. Fryboy

    Kroc loses ride to JMART

    Click bait JMart to make his 450 debut at Daytona on Kroc's bike !!!! Congrats dude Current GEICO Honda 250SX rider Jeremy Martin will make his 450SX debut at Daytona Supercross on March 11. Martin will move over to the Honda HRC rig as a fill-in for the injured Ken Roczen. The move will only be for a round, as Martin will transition back to GEICO Honda and a 250 after the race to prepare for the remainder of the 250SX West Region and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. “I’m beyond excited that American Honda is giving me the opportunity to ride a factory CRF450R,” stated Martin. “I’m also looking forward to making my debut in the premier class at Daytona, one of the most hyped up supercross races of all time. Everyone loves Daytona due to it being so different so I’m excited to go race the best guys in the world. I’d love to get a solid finish for Honda since they sponsor the event.” The move makes a lot of sense, as Martin, currently ninth in 250SX West Region points, signed a two-year deal this off-season with GEICO with an option to move to the 450 Class in 2018. Daytona will give Martin a chance to get his feet wet in 450SX, as well as give the team a look at how Martin might adjust to the bigger bike. Honda, which is the title sponsor of Daytona, also surely wants more riders—currently with Cole Seely as the lone rider in the factory truck—representing the brand at their big event. Martin is currently already testing with HRC. “We’re excited to have Jeremy riding for us at the Daytona Supercross,” said Team Honda HRC manager Dan Betley. “Despite only a short amount of time on the bike, he already feels very comfortable so I’m confident in his ability to deliver a solid result. I’d like to thank GEICO Honda for making Jeremy available to us for this race.”
  17. I just got done replacing the head gasket and rings on my 2008 ktm exc and when I started it up for the first time it was blowing a lot of white smoke out the exhaust and even continued for a minute after shutting the bike off. I know thats typically a sign of a bad gasket but I just replaced it. I torqued all the bolts down corrrectly and I saw no problem with the head. Could it be something with the water pump? Or maybe i still screwed something up when putting it back together.
  18. I have a 2018.5 450sxf with roughly 50 hours on it. I was riding today and it randomly shut off. Started it back up and both my map switch lights were on and it wouldn’t let me change them. Rode it back to the truck, turned it off then started it again. Map switch lights were fine but my FI light was flashing. It just flashes on and off and I can’t seem to find anything In the book about it. Any ideas ?
  19. itsallaboutwins

    08 TRX450ER issues

    I just picked up a 08 TRX450 and I'm having a few problems with it. It has a hmf slip on, outerwears airbox cover, uni air filter and there's a clicking noise coming from the air intake, also when I stab the throttle just a little, it immediately dies.. but if I very slightly move into the throttle it is fine. Carb issue? Valves? I haven't had a chance to tear anything apart yet, but thought someone might point me in the correct direction. Thanks. Also, here's two videos I took of the above mentioned https://youtu.be/7bRQYaq8DJ0 https://youtu.be/gdGdbbh80h8
  20. Hey Thumpers, I took the Carby off to replace the AP diaphragm and the Main Jet....Reassembled the Carby to the engine , attempted to kick the bike but the lever is stuck in the upright position and won't kick downwards. I took the right side case off on the Clutch side and noticed two teeth missing from the Primary gear and a couple from the Idler gear. Needless to say i found two of the teeth belonging to the Primary gear, proceeded to take the left casing off on the Stator side and noticed some metal particles pasted on the Pickup magnet. I cleaned that off , found no foreign objects on the Stator side, reconnected the kickstart lever on the lever shaft just to see if it freed up, by my surprise i was able to kick and turn over the engine like it should....BTW the spark plug was removed before to ease the compression. After all of that i felt a bit relieved and placed the left and right side casings back on . Refitted the Gas tank, kicked her and she started right up. Took her around the gap and CLAX! that bike cuts out and the kick start lever is stuck again. I was able to put the bike in neutral and walked her home , i can shift all through the gears like normal. Click the link below to view the video. Stuck Kick Lever Hope you guys can shed some light on where to look.
  21. Doing a job for a guy who dropped a valve in his 08 450 EXC. Got the bike not running obviously and send out all the parts to get remachhined and fixed. Got everything back together and I'm pretty sure I got it back to TDC. Cam lobes face right way, bolt locked in on crank slit, and mark lined up on top of cam holder. Everything spun over fine but when I bolt it back up and have the motor ready to fire it won't kick, tried battery and seemed dead. Bought a new battery and charged it still won't go. The battery will turn the motor over if the spark plug is out but once it has compression it's slow and groggy. Any ideas what's wrong? I'm going mad trying to figure it out. All valves are brand new and in spec, same with top end and cylinder.
  22. I have another post titled SXF dies when throttle given. I think ive narrowed it down to the fuel pressure regulator but need someone who is familiar with the way the regulator operates to clarify some things. Pulled my 250 sxf regulator out. Added "slight air pressure" to o-ring port and get air coming out the top. Added about 65psi air to the side pipe and no air flows and or comes out any port. Shouldn't I be able to take a punch, screw driver or similar tool and push the plunger inside from the o-ring side and compress the internal spring??? I can't get anything inside to move, no matter what end I push from with a tool. It's my understanding the fuel pressure enters the o-ring port, builds pressure, collapses diaphragm spring and allows full to exit the side pipe. If more than 50psi builds, it bleeds out the top and excess fuel dumps back into the tank. Is this the correct process?
  23. *pic is my goal if I can or at least as close* Hi there, I'm currently looking at buying a second hand KTM EXC 450 and converting to supermoto. I have converted a DRZ400E but everyone knows they are piss easy. I have read a bit about exc sumo rim sizes and have found a few people struggle with chain rubbing on rear with 4.25x17. Just wanting any tips or advice from someone who has done it before and what works best. Also any other tips or advice for converting to sumo (etc. exhausts, steering dampers, handbrake setup, frame sliders/protection, hand guards, any thing else that is a must for this model). I live in New Zealand and don't mind spending a bit on parts but would like to buy the rims here as it would be faster/a lot cheaper. Any advice is appreciated, cheers.
  24. Greetings to all, Recently i experienced the weirdest issue while riding my 2006 KTM 450 exc, the bike started as normal the morning of the ride , 3 miles from where i left the bike bogged down when given the slightest throttle. It starts right up but will literally sound like it wants to die when applying throttle. I copied a video link to this thread in the attempt to make my symptoms as clear as possible to you guys for the best advice . Oh btw , 2 days ago i change the oil , oil filters, air filter and spark plug.
  25. anywhere on the innerweb to download it yet?